Wednesday, January 18, 2006


What an ANNOYING night of poker!! Where to begin...

First, I played my ministep 3 sng tournament at party, this after getting absurdly bad beat last night to go out in 3rd place, one spot away from advancing to ministep 4. So, back to ministep 3 again tonight, and this time I finally got some hands late in the game, and with 3 players left I had a significant chip lead. Then things went TERRIBLY wrong. Without going into all the details, I will share two of the best tidbits. First, I got into a hand with both of my opponents all in, where I held KK, the guy in second (fairly close to me in chips) held A9, and the short stack held 77. I'm thinking this is it, I am at LEAST in second place after this hand, with 2nd being all that matters in order to advance to the next rung of the ladder. Well, although the flop was raggy, the FUCKING 7 on the river did that plan in, and play had to continue. Still, I persisted and managed to regain my chip lead briefly, before making some ill-timed raises and dropping down into second place. With the chips at about 5000, 2500 (me) and 375 (donkey), and blinds of 200/400, the short stack was literally blinded allin, and i called him with A9o. He flips over 67o. I mean, this one isn't even close, and now I know that FINALLY I can advance to ministep 4. Only, the poker gods it turns out didn't know thats how it works. Flop has a 6, no help to me in the rest of the board, and at that point I was furious. I was so mad with those two idiotic beats that I honestly don't remember any of the details of what happened next. I know I got beat one more time with AJ against KQ, and then I got beat again with a favored hand to knock me out of the tourney in 3rd place, netting me just another step 3 entry fee. I ranted like a madman on the IM to my buddy R for about 15 minutes, and then when I was sufficiently calm, I went ahead and fired up another ministep 3, more determined than ever to put the fucking silliness of that last tournament behind me. Things started off bright, when I picked up 10-10 on the very first hand, put in a nice raise and got 2 callers, and then the flop came 10-Q-A with two diamonds. Well, I moved in right there on the spot, figuring that there was at least one straight draw out there and hoping maybe to catch someone with 2 pairs as well. Amazingly, not one but BOTH players called my allin, and I was sitting pretty. I mean, I could not have been happier with my position, KNOWING I had to be the favorite among the three, at least at that time after the flop. Well, imagine my dismay when my opponents flipped QQ and KJ. So my hidden set of 10s on the flop ended up being the LAST PLACE hand of the three players. This is the kind of night I had online today.

To follow things up, I entered the $20, 180 person sng on party after all this, knowing full well I should have just cut my losses right there. I played awesomely, and got some cards with which to play awesomely, and with 57 people remaining, I was in 1st place. Unfortunately, I ran into three god dam idiotic, stoopid, impossible bad beats out of 4 hands, and just like that, I was eliminated in 45th place. I am still STINGING from that tournament, and this night overall just has me feeling utterly deflated in every way about continuing to play online. I mean, in the span of 10 minutes, I held AA and got it cracked on the river by a fish who kept calling me with just top pair and jack kicker and an inside straight draw, who hit his straight draw on the end. Then my 10s lost to someone's 7s, not even when their 7 hit, but when they flushed on the river due to holding the 7 of clubs. Then if that wasn't enough, I limped in with KQ, flopped two pairs on a flop of KQ9 rainbow, and managed to lose to a guy holding pocket jacks who hit a jack on the turn after he moved in on me and I correctly called him down. That last beat put me out of the tournament, and I am still in utter and complete disbelief about the whole thing. This was definitely my tournament to win tonight, and now I have nothing to show for it, but another $22 loss in my bankroll, and a LOT of pent up anger at online poker in general, and at pokerstars in particular. When oh when will the bad beats stop attacking me like flies on shit?


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