Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bad beat update

Well, make it FOURTEEN straight bad beats on pokerstars. I don't know what to say about it. I've taken to only playing the small buyin tournaments ($1-$3) since I know how every single one of them will end, but another thing I'm very happy to have done is I have started inviting friends to watch my tables or even to play in these tournaments with me at my table, so that I have witnesses to exactly what's been happening. Of the 14 straight bad beats (13 on the river, including last night's club flush draw hitting against my top pair), I have now had at least one witness there for probably the last 8 or 9. I don't know why that makes me feel better, but it does. I guess I hear a lot of people say a lot of things that have happened to them in online poker, but I don't always necessarily believe them 100%. This is 100% true and can be verified.

So anyways, my plan for some reason is to keep playing on ps and get through this career-worst streak. As I've said earlier, I've been playing poker in casinos and home games for the better part of 20 years now, and without a doubt have NEVER, ever suffered through a streak like this. I may not have won for a while in a row, but the 14 straight bad beats is something which I think you would only find online, and probably only on ps. As I've mentioned earlier, ps is clearly mad at me for saying they are fixed in the chat, they've warned me and warned me and punished me by removing my chat and note abilities, and it appears like they've finally decided to get me off their system once and for all. It's funny, if they would just admit to me what they're doing and tell me not to come back, I guess I would have no choice but to comply. Instead, they are taking the pussiest action imaginable -- completely compromising recockulously the integrity of their software and their system by fixing every game I'm in to bad beat me out.

The scary thing is, if they have the ability to do this to just me, anyone who Ever says they aren't fixed, or aren't set up to help the donkeys, they wouldn't do that, etc. is blatantly wrong, once and for all. It's a scary thought about online poker everywhere isn't it?

Here's to my streak ending tonight (hopefully). Last night I could only play in the one tournament because of other commitments, but tonight I expect at least three more bad beats. I guess getting the streak to 20 straight tournaments would be something to talk about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Hammer!!

I thought it was just me. almost the exact thing is happening to me and my wife at pokerstars.

I am more the Tournament kind a guy, and normally for 11-60 dollars tournamrent . But for over three years pokerstars have never given me anything good.

Whenever I have played a torunament, nomatter, what card I get like AA KK QQ A 10 or whatever, I usually call but normally raise if nobody raise before me. some smuck calls with a 6 8 or J 9 they always get saved in the river. IF I have 3 a Kind AAA from flop, they have straight, or color or full house. everytime.

Sometimes when I have AQS somebody have AKs or when AK one have AA I never have the highest hand and I never get saved not even one time!!!

I have been taking screen dumbs of a lot of my tables and I have lost more then 20 times already. I dont know what to say neither. But Im still in PS. Its the only real place besides Party where they have good tournaments and a lot of peopleƦ. It just cant be that you are that unlucky.

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