Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Down On My Luck

I have lost 13 *consecutive* nlh tournaments on PokerStars on bad beats. That's right folks, and unfortunately there is no exaggerations -- Thirteen Consecutive Tournaments, all on the same site. Why do I keep playing on ps having been bad beat out of THIRTEEN consecutive tournaments, you ask? Mainly for the blogger tourneys, which I love to participate in. But I have Zero chance of winning, because ps has it out for me. No, I'm not paranoid, I don't think people are out to get me. BUT, ps is fixed, and I have never been shy about saying so in the chat. I've said it to the point that I've received email warnings from ps that I am not permitted to "attack the integrity of the games" in the chat, which is a joke since the software it set up to help or hurt individuals or classes of players at their whim. What other site would DARE issue warnings to people for claiming the software is fixed? No one but ps, the biggest fixer of them all, which is why they can't have people blabbing the truth to the other players. Anyways, I've had my chat privileged suspended, I've had my player note-taking privileges suspended for 5 days at least four separate times, and then finally last week when I suffered the worst bad beat of my poker career, I went off on ps in the chat to the biggest degree yet. The result? Starting from that point, I have been bad beat out of 13 straight tournaments, all but one occurring on the river.

Incidentally, here is the bad beat that put me over the edge. I had pocket 9s, and the flop comes K-K-9. I bet small, someone raises, and I just smooth call the boatflop because I'm that kind of guy and I am about to give my opponent an education from a Real Player. Well, imagine my smugness when the turn comes another 9, giving me quads. I check it, the other guy bets big, and I think for a few seconds (baiting him to call) before moving in the rest of my chips on my "sure thing". He quick calls, which makes me laugh given my hand, and he has AK, giving him trip kings but not enough to catch me. Not enough, that is, until the fourth King comes on the river, giving him quad Kings over my Quad 9s. It's enough to tilt any mortal.

So anyways, ps is fixed. And now, after threating me Numerous times with suspending my playing privileges, stopping me from taking notes or chatting, now ps is targeting me individually, ensuring that I cannot make it far in ANY of their tournaments. That's right, they're not even man enough to just suspend my play. They'd rather keep taking my money but give me no chance or ability to win. It's disgusting. If not for the blogger tourneys that Unfortunately continually play there, I would have withdrawn everything from that site weeks ago. If past experience is any guide, their targeted fixings usually last about a week, so I may be nearing the end of it (hopefully). I'll know because at this point I invite my frigging FRIENDS to come watch me get beat out on the river, and it will be very obvious if in just ONE tournament I don't get bad beat. It's been so long I can't even remember what that feels like anymore - actually Having a Chance to win on my own merits. It's been a week at least.

Thank god for the 1-table sng's at PartyPoker, still the softest tournaments I have ever run into, or my bankroll would be in serious trouble.


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