Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good Horsey! and a Bad Beat in Holdem

I have been unable to stay awake lately, yet somehow keep playing late anyways. What is wrong with me (read: addiction)? On a good note, I did place second for a $6.50 profit in a $5 HORSE sng on ftp last night. My first cash ever in a horse event, so im happy about that. But to counterbalance that and then some, I got squashed in the $5 rebuy satellite to the 750k sunday tourney on pokerstars, buying back in FIVE times including a boost near the end of the rebuy period, plus the addon. I still went out within an hour or so of no-rebuy play. I just never got the cards in the right situations, couldn't put on any moves. It was one of those nights where you don't see much, but every time you look down and see AQ, the guy in first position raises 5x and the second guy calls. And as can happen with me from time to time, eventually the lack of playable hands ended up with me getting too aggresive. I moved in with AJ and was called by 99 and AQ. I honestly don't remember which guy won, but naturally I saw no help.

But the granddaddy beat of them all was the $10 buyin tournament on ps, a tournament that has proven to be both my greatest friend and my worst enemy online right now. When I was probably 200th out of 400 left with 1100 entrants, I hit a flop of QJ2 with a limped-in QQ in my hand. Slow played the flop, got THE big stack to move in on me with just KQ. I am thrilled. But the turn is an Ace. The river is a Ten. And just like that, I'm out. One of the worst beats ive ever personally experienced. As I seem to say every week or two (usually for three or four week stretches), pokerstars is Once Again angry with me.

I have to say one thing. In the Full Tilt HORSE tournaments, when I play razz, I tend to get a pair among my first three cards probably close to 60% of the time. Then the very next game is always stud high, and I get a pair dealt to me maybe every 5% of hands. This phenomenon has persisted through 3 or 4 different HORSE events for me now. Does that bother anyone? Am I really the only one who has experienced this?


Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Hey, Hoyazo, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll go ahead and link you up; I can always use another blog to read! I do recognize you from some tourney or other recently. Was it the DADI or WWdN? I don't remember. Congrats on your recent wins and good look in the future. See you on the felt.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

hey matt. yeah i recognize your name as well. weve played at the same table at a couple of the wwdn and dadi tourneys. you busted me out in fact a few wwdn's ago ;)

yeah i love your blog and read it every day or two from work. keep up the posting and hopefully ill bump into you again soon.


8:33 PM  

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