Friday, January 06, 2006

The Streak is Over

Well guys, I didn't do great last night on pokerstars, but I do believe the deliberate fucking lesson might, and I emphasize the MIGHT, be finally, mercifully over. I lost my first two tournaments last night, a 6x12 sng and the large $2 buyin tourney, fairly early in each case, but I can't blame pokerstars or a bad beat for knocking me out in the latter. See, this is what I'm reduced to after what ps has put me through over this past week -- actually being PLEASED that I knocked myself out early in a tournament with a not smart play. In the first tournament, the sng, I got typically ps fucked -- I raised preflop in middle position with AJs, got one caller. Flop came A82 with 2 clubs. He led at the pot with a minbet, which I raised to 5x the BB. He thought and called. Turn was another rag, no club. He minbet again, I raised to 10x the BB, he thought and called. Then the river comes the 4 of clubs. I moved in, because I already had about 2/3 of my chips in the pot at that point, and he calls, of course showing me the club flush. Yes I noted him as one of the biggest fish I'd ever run into on ps, but what does that really matter right now when he was still in the tourney, munching on MY chips, while I was out once again. So the streak rose to 16 straight tournaments bad beat out by ps, and my confidence was at an all time low.

Then in the $2 tourney though, I actually got 3 or 4 very good hands before the first break (first time in over a week I have been able to play more than 13 or 14% of flops due to deliberately crappy cards). Although I went out just before the first break, I actually managed to survive a couple of all-in dogs against my favorites, which also had definitely not happened to me ONE RED TIME for seven full days, and the hand that put me out was just a poor read by me with my top and bottom pair, against a guy who was slow playing bottom set with a pair of 5s that also hit the flop. Oh well, I lost the $2, but the game play in that hand meant so much more than that to me. I finally felt like the curse had been broken. As I've mentioned previously, ps's previous delibafuckings of me have all lasted 5-7 days, and this one I believe was yesterday at 7 days, so hopefully they are finally off their high horse and will permit me to at least have a chance against their recockulously "random" cards from now on.

Which then gave me the confidence to move up to the $35x6 sng. Long story short, I finished in second, in the money and paying back $73.50. So that was a nice confirmation that hopefully things are turning around for me on ps.

One other quick note -- after reading about Full Tilt Poker from countless bloggers, I took the plunge and downloaded it last night. I have to say -- I LOVE it! It's the only poker site I've played that I would say has an interface approaching pokerstars -- both the ease of play, the graphics, the buttons, the statistics are great, the waiting lists for tournaments is great. Like I said, so far (after one day) it seems like pokerstars, but without the nonrandom setups and bad beats and the like. Again, not that those things aren't going to happen on ftp, but I'm quite sure they won't happen with the regularity that these things "randomly" occur on ps.


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