Monday, February 13, 2006

79 Out Of 94

This afternoon I played some clown in a heads-up match. We played 94 hands, and I won 79 of them. 79 out of 94 hands! Now I know it's obviuously not about how many hands you win, but only if you win the last one, but still. 79 out of 94 hands were won by me. This was a guy who I bluffed out of pots like it was my job. He SCREAMED it out to me every time he didn't have a hand he wanted to go with, and every time I dominated him into folding. Again and again and again. Every time I raised preflop, he autofolded, except a couple of times when he had a strong hand, in which case that was obvious so I didn't lose any more money into that pot.

Nonetheless, I lost the tournament despite this kind of domination that you just hardly ever see. I hit the nut flush on the turn and duped him into sticking with me, but he rivered a boat. I slowplayed him when I hit trips on the flop with my pocket pair, and he calls me all-in with just top pair and medium kicker, only to make his higher trips when the top card on the board pairs on the turn. I get him allin with his K8 and a King on the flop, but I flip K-10 and he's done. Until the 8 on the river gives him another miracle. Finally on the last hand, I get him in with A10 against my QQ and a flop of QJx. Then a 9 comes on the turn, and of COURSE the 8 on the river and I'm done. I've never seen anything like this beating in my entire lifetime of playing poker. Seriously. Pokerstars had done it to me again.

79 out of 94 guys. Who can beat that story?


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