Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blogger Cashes

Had the pleasure on Friday night of watching SoxLover final table and cash in a $50 buyin, 90-person sng on Pokerstars. I actually sat and watched Sox play for about two and a half hours while I played some nlh cash games of my own, and the one thing that struck me about Sox's play in the tourney is actually the same thing that has struck me on several occasions watching Waffles on his way to final tabling his beloved 180 sngs: these guys play tight. Yes all the good players play tight aggressive poker, but when I watch Sox and Waffles in these large sngs, they really hang around. I personally must have watched Sox sit within a few spots of the bottom of the remaining chip stacks for a good hour, just hanging on and waiting for a monster hand. The game with these tourneys is just to bide and bide and bide your time, wait for your turn, and then push when you know you have the best of it. I mean, that's kinda how I play all the time, but it is obvious to me that I will really need to adjust my game somewhat if I expect to hit the money with the regularity of these fellow bloggers. I play tight aggressive poker, but I also get in there and try to steal pots, make early value bets, and chase away draws against my good hand very aggressively, something which appears not to lend itself as well to scoring big in the large pokerstars sngs.

Anyways, congrats again to SoxLover, who is on a major roll lately in blogger and non-blogger tournaments alike.


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