Friday, October 27, 2006

Quickie Friday Post

Well, I only have a minute as I'm off to meet up with drraz as he's back on the east coast for the weekend, and today will hopefully include some live poker action at the Taj Mahal casino in AC as well. Real quick, last night started off frustrating, as xkm busted my KK with his AK just a few hands into the WWdN Not last night (and congratulations to Joanne for taking the event down in the end, again complying with my request and eliminating xkm from the final table). The frustration continued for me as I lost this hand allin preflop in Al's Riverchasers private tournament:

and then this hand in the 20k (also allin preflop with me dominating) within minutes of each other:

In both the 20k and Riverchasers, I was unable to regain my traction from multiple beats like these that I took early, and I ended up busting late in the 2nd hour of both events. Meanwhile, I also joined my old favorite, the $5 turbo mtt on pokerstars at 10:39pm ET, and started off with similar results, losing this allin preflop to an absolute pushmonkey holding a horrible hand but just too dumb to let it go:

Here's another clown nearing the end of the first hour of that turbo mtt who again just does not know when to fold a phucking shitty hand, and then gets lucked into surviving with it:

Despite all the shit, however, I managed to double up with a few key strong hands near the end of the turbo mtt, and I ended up making my first final table in this event before all was said and done:

In the end, my Q9o ran into ATo, and IGH in 7th place overall out of 1344 entrants in the turbo mtt:

Hopefully this will serve as a nice foreshadowing of some success tonight with drraz and phincity, whether it be a home game or the Taj in Atlantic City. Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward to posting all about another live poker victory on Monday.


Blogger Dave said...

Grats on your final table finish. Chalk up another notch on your belt!

Just looking at the beats you had, hmmm, looks like you are more than willing to gamble with K5o, 44, 99 and A7s, not very premium hands regardless of what they may have had. Just expect outdraws on hands like those. Anytime you decide to call an all-in pre-flop you essentially give up any edge and let the cards dictate your outcome. While in many cases you'll come out ahead, these hands are subject to overcards hitting the table or those lucky undercards hitting sets. It's a crap shoot but don't blame them too much for trying. Having a much bigger stack helps but is no guarantee.

11:55 PM  
Blogger smokkee said...

nice finish in the $5 turbo MTT. pretty crazy to get to the final table in a 1300 player tourney in less that 2 hrs. the action musta been fast and furious.

4:38 AM  
Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Nice work! I agree with smokkee, that must have played pretty damn fast.

1:16 PM  
Blogger CC said...

Nice ROI, and congrats on the final table. Well done!

2:13 AM  

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