Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Quickie, and MATH Pimp

Quick post for a holiday Monday. This feels like the tenth time I've posted on Memorial Day, partly because I'm a sicko about updating my blog and partly because I'm always coming on here to clarify for everyone that the Memorial Day Mondays at the Hoy tournament is on on ON!

Normally on a Memorial Day night, I would expect the MATH participation to be awfully slow. But instead, this time around here we are at the beginning of the very last week of the BBT3. So, with a grand total of just five events left in the BBT3, and therefore five more chances to qualify to win your seat in the June 7 BBT3 Tournament of Champions like I did a few weeks ago in a Stud-8 Skills tournament, I am guessing we will get a good turnout tonight for the last MATH of the BBT3. Personally, I will be there but in buyin only, as I most likely will not be free to play. But far be it from me not to donate to my own hosted tournament, so my buyin will be there and be up for grabs tonight as the BBT3 rolls into its last week on full tilt poker. Password as always is "hammer", so get in there early and reserve your spot.

One other quick "highlight" for your viewing pleasure today:

Yeah, that's me winning new Sunday Heads-Up tournament this week. Sure there were only six runners, which sucked, but it was a holiday weekend and I for one was remiss in pimping it this week in only its second week of existence. But despite the small-looking crowd, I stayed in there and ended up battling it out with five other brave souls for the second weekly SHU title on a holiday weekend, and eventually I emerged victorious. So yeah, there were only a total of three rounds of matches in order to take down this week's title. But I did have to come back from starting with 1500 chips to my opponent's 3000 chips in my 2nd round matchup, before facing RaisingCayne with 4500 chips apiece in the final. I dominated both of my matches and never fell significantly behind in either tournament, playing as patient and solid a game as I think I possibly could, including some well-timed bluffs in large pots and a couple of times where I hit my hand on the later streets. On the last hand of the tournament, I got it all in with flopped trips on an all-club board, and of course Cayne flipped up the made 6-high flush, but in what will forever be known as the "Memorial Day miracle", I rivered my 10-outer for the boat to take down the title. It's a very, very small win obviously, but with the redonkulous fields in these blonkaments lately, and with my lofty goal of 15 blonkament wins in 2008, I'm counting it. This one basically gets me halfway to my blonkament victory goal for the year here, and I've done that in just under 45% of the year so far. I'll take it.

OK that's all I've got for you today. As I mentioned, the Hammer Family is on vacation on Monday and Tuesday at a giant indoor waterpark in Pennsylvania, so I might or might not get around to posting on Tuesday, depending on exactly where I'm at and exactly what I'm doing. But either way, I should be back and better than ever on Wednesday, hopefully with some of those good old-fashioned hand analysis posts I've promised. Until then, you've got the Hoy tonight to hold you over and try to either win your way in to the BBT3 ToC like I did, or try to further shrink the ToC field if you're one of those lucky enough to already have secured yourself a seat. Either way, see you tonight at 10pm ET for Mondays at the Hoy on full tilt!

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