Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iggy = My Hero

So I was going to do another post like yesterday's and just write all about my trials and tribulations last night in the week-long mtt bender to top all mtt benders. But you know what, the simple fact is how could you guys care about the pointless pokerings of a bozo like me when Iggy has lasted to Day 3 of the WSOP Main Event! For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting him, Iggy is one of those genuinely good guys that no one in their right mind could not like. Especially for an A-Lister! And one of the many secrets about Iggy that you might not know is that he is actually a very solid poker player, and even in tournaments the little man can hold his own. Anyone who's played in the various BBT series with him if nothing else will know how easily Iggy can kick it up into high gear, and yet he also understands the importance of playing tight early. For this reason I had picked Iggy and Lucko to last the furthest of the four bloggers in our group in the ME, and with Loretta busting on Day Two, this leaves just Iggy as the last blogger standing. I'm lovin it.

Anything else I would have to say today just pales in comparison to Iggy lasting to Day Three of the Main Event. The Main Fucking Event!! Iggy!!! Just. Awesome.

Also awesome was Weak Player, another great guy I have met a few times out in Vegas, reraising me allin on the flop with just a nut flush draw in the Mookie, me calling allin from ahead and then the river suckout to eliminate me I think about halfway through Hour 2. But then I keep reminding myself of how many suckouts I have come up with in big spots over the past few days that have helped me to make a lot of cold hard cashish this week, and it's all good. Plus at least Weak had the good sense to raise with his hand instead of calling off with it like most bloggers seem to enjoy. In any event, that's how my night ended early in the Mook, what else is new.

Similarly, in the Dookie PLO Omaha event, eventually won by Mr. Aussie Millions jeciimd, I was quickly reminded of why I had stayed away from playing this tournament over the past few weeks: the suckouts. I am not sure that I've ever been eliminated from the Dookie in other than a suckout, almost always by hands that had no business even being in the pot at the time of the turn of the key card. Last night was no exception, I got in ahead and lost. $10 PLO with blonkeys though, in a way I've come to see that buyin as me paying for the suckouts and the comraderie, not to have the best hand hold up. I'm cool with that.
JJ < TT ai pf 2 hours in to stars 5050. cashed ftp 5050 but went out right after bubble burst.

Ahh, why not just mention the rest. So beat by the river flush draw filling in the Mookie. Suckout-eliminated by not one but two bad beats laid by the same player in the Dookie. JJ < TT allin preflop to eliminate me from the pokerstars 50-50 when the man flopped a boat of T44, in a spot where I would have had my first nice stack of the night about two hours deep. And I played the full tilt 5050 as well, cashing once again as my luck in that tournament just continues to persist. Funny enough, I ended up busting on the bubble in this thing in my attempt to use the bubble for a quick jump when I pushed allin against a guy I read as being weak. I was right about him being weak, but of course he could not lay down the Jackace and it held up to knock me out (natch). But, some other shitheads had busted on that same hand as well, and since I had more chips heading into the hand, I ended in 152nd place when 153 spots paid out of 1070 or so in the field. So another nice run there, but otherwise Wednesday was a night of bad beatage for me. After the performances I've had this week though, like I said, it doesn't faze me.

That's all I got for now. Lots of fun hands to post about, but Iggy has stolen the show and stolen my heart for the day by lasting to Day Three. How can you not love that shit?

Riverchasers tonight, 9pm ET on full tilt. Password as always is "riverchasers". I should be good n liquored up by that time as my mtt bender heads into the home stretch here tonight. I'm also hoping to hit up the nightly 35k, the 32k, maybe the 65k again, and both 50-50s if I am able tonight in addition to another deep run at the Riverchasers. See you then!

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