Sunday, January 04, 2009

NFL Playoff Picks and a Quick Pimp

Real quick over this holiday weekend I wanted to get in my NFL picks against the spread for the first round of the playoffs, with this weekend seeing the first time in history that all four road teams and lower seeds are favored to win their upcoming games.

First we have the Atlanta Falcons -2.5 at Arizona. Zona had a great year behind veteran quarterback Kurt Warner, but the Cardinals seem to be limping into the playoffs here with absolutely no momentum, having peaked at this point four or five weeks before the end of the regular season. Atlanta had a better regular season record and has a better overall team, although with the Carindals' offense playing at home, I do not love giving up the 2.5 points. To me this one is basically a pickem at 2.5 points, and if I had to pick someone I suppose it would be the Falcons but I would not be happy about the pick.

Next on Saturday is the Colts -1.5 at the Chargers. With Colts quarterback Peyton Manning fresh off winning his third NFL MVP this weekend, the Colts will be looking to extend their recent win streak to 10 by taking it to the 8-8 AFC West champion Chargers. I was a bit surprised when this line opened at Chargers minus 1, but I get the sense that the betting public know what it's talking about with this one. With the Colts favored by 1.5 at this point, I would go with the Chargers. The Colts are a solid team with a lot to play for, and the Chargers had a mediocre season and an exceedingly mediocre coach, but I've felt basically all year that the Colts were not winning a superbowl this year, and if someone has to be beat them, why not the Chargers? I take the Chargers plus the 1.5.

I'll plan to be back tomorrow with my picks for the Sunday games. Before I go though, don't forget to register for Goat's Bad Bankroll Management Tournament this Sunday night, January 4 at 9pm ET on full tilt. This is the first time Goat has run his BBmT tournament, and it's a blonkament I've been looking forward to for a long time since he first announced it several months ago. The buyin is $50 and it should prove to be a fun time with some decent coin for the winner(s). The password for the BBmT is a very fitting "busto", so go stop by and register now before you forget. See you this Sunday night, 9pm ET on full tilt!

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ahh keep posting about those BBMT's, soon ill have enuff monies to play in em! lol

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