Monday, February 23, 2009

Wait....There's No Lying in Baseball!

Being in New York and being obsessed with sports, I have been forced over the past two weeks to listen to Alex Rodriguez point out at least three or four dozen times that he is "clean now" and that "his years with the Yankees have been drug-free". A-Roid keeps talking about how history, and major league baseball writers, historians and hall of fame voters will have ample opportunity by the end of his career to judge his performance sans performance-enhancing drugs.

Which, of course, is a load of horseshit.

At least from 2001-2003, A-Roid admits that he took Primabolin combined with testosterone in a calculated attempt to gain lean muscle mass without the usual bulk that comes along with ingestion of just anabolic steroids. His muscles changed. His body changed. Over three years, A-Roid found muscles he didn't know he had, and bulked up others that he would never have been able to build up without the use of performance enhancers. And this is just the stuff he has admitted to taking so far.

I sat and listened to caller after caller after caller into New York sports radio over the past week, telling of either their own stories or those of acquaintances of theirs who have used steroids. The general theme of the calls was that these people took steroids for a few years like ten years ago, then they were off the juice for several years, and yet to this day when they go the gym they still can automatically bench press 450 pounds or otherwise still feel the effects of the steroids they took many years ago. That once you bulk up certain muscles in the ways that many steroids can help you to do, you just don't "lose" them when you stop taking those substances in the future. That is not to say that it would be impossible to lose those bulked-up muscles through overuse or other abuse of one's body, but rather that it is simply a pure falsehood for anyone to suggest, "Hey, I took steroids years ago, but I haven't now for several years, so I'm clean and my numbers are all legit now."

So, A-Roid, I'm gonna have to call bullshit again on you today, you lousy turd. Number one, I don't believe you only took banned substances between 2001-2003 anyways; I would bet money that you used HGH while with the Yankees and Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi in 2007. And number two, I don't care if it's true anyways -- your numbers, at least since when you admitted you started taking steroids in 2001, are forever tainted, and they mean nothing to me. I would guess that you will probably hit 250-300 home runs more with your steroided-up body than you ever would have in your career if you had never taken the "bolee" and the testosterone in the first place.

So, A-Roid, talk to me when you hit 1000 home runs for your career, then maybe you are getting close to Babe Ruth's real 715 career home runs.

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Blogger Loulou said...

Do agree that the more he speaks the more it sounds like BS...from the cousin to the over the counter medicine that is not so much over the counter...

So A-Rod did recognize he took steroids from 01 to 03...To end all the number discussion shoudn't we say that these 156hr don't count...
It would be good for the Yankees as it would make the financial milestones more difficult to attain, and in the case A-Rod reaches them, it would make them "less tainted"...

BTW if you're interested in a Fantasy Baseball Keeper's league on ESPN (Rotisserie 8x8) we still have some empty seats. Guess with all your knowledge you would be a good competitor..Nothing to lose, nothing to lose, except pride ;)

12:32 AM  

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