Friday, April 24, 2009

Lost Tidbit, and Mookie Crash

No time for a proper post today, but I wanted to mention that we actually did get a little tidbit on the Lost clip-show on Wednesday night. The narrator -- who would never lie to us -- stated very matter of factly out of nowhere that it was Charles Widmore who set up the fake salvage of the airline hull at the bottom of the ocean, with supposedly every body on board and accounted for. This was stated by the narrator, and was done very matter-of-factly, to the point that I don't think it's debatable anymore whether that was Widmore, Ben, or perhaps the Ileana "shadow of the statue" clan. With the way it was presented to us this week, it's official: Widmore did it. Lost would never reneg on that, after telling us factually this week that it was in fact Charles Widmore. Heroes, on the other hand, would reneg on this, hard. Heroes would reneg all over its face in fact. But not Lost. I'm not saying the fact that this was Widmore is any huge deal or anything, but it's the truth now and you Lost analyzers can build this fact into the mythology as if it is gospel at this point.

Now, how on earth they ended up finding the Oceanic 6, and yet nobody ever took the time to question how "every body was accounted for" in that previous salvage setup of the fake Flight 815, is completely beyond me.

Gotta run -- I heard the Mookie ended when full tilt crashed when down to 7 players remaining on Wednesday night. God dam, can you imagine if that had been my week to win, and then that happened, when I had a big chip lead and everything? I seem to recall us having an issue with a full tilt crash previously during the BBT, so I'm sure Al and the powers that be will have a good resolution as far as who gets the ToC seat from last night's Mookie. Didn't we end up replaying the entire tournament the last time this happened, even with the people who had previously been busted out at the time of the crash? What a mess.

On the good news front, I guess this means I get to remain the reigning Mookie champion for one more week, right?

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Blogger BLAARGH! said...

Nope, check Al's blog - they did a chip ranking for the cash and Pauly pulled it down... he was smoking the rest of the table (and a fatty, I'm sure) at the time of the crash, so it was a pretty easy decision to give him the TOC seat.

4:29 AM  

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