Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Songs I Love Hearing on XM

Without waxing poetic about how awesome Sirius XM satellite radio is all over again, some of the programming on my favorite XM music stations is really amazing, far better than anything I've ever heard on crappy, embarrassing terrestrial radio. I've mentioned this before here, but maybe my favorite station is XM47 -- Hair Nation. Hair Nation is like the perfect match with my musical tastes and with the time in my life when I was first getting into music in a big way, and as I mentioned the stuff they play on this station is far and away the best collection of music I have ever heard. And when you listen every day like I do during my drive to and/or from the city to the 'burbs, you get to hear a number of awesome little nuggets that you had either completely forgotten about, or thought you would never, ever possibly hear again. Or both! And here is a list of just that, the songs I have heard over the past few weeks or so on Hair Nation that I never thought I'd hear again, but which are really awesome for those of you who will recognize them:

"Everybody Loves Eileen" by Steelheart. This song is an awesome follow-up to "Never Let You Go", which I loved, and yet I have most definitely not thought about this song since sometime in the late 1980s. What a treat, I actually heard this one twice during my daily commute over the span of about two weeks:

"Forever" by Kiss. Now this song was really right up at the end of when it was cool for heavy metal bands to make ballads. It was after the makeup had come off, and frankly this is one I assume that Paul Stanley et al would just as soon forget. Still, it was cool to remember this one -- also from the late 80's -- and smile while thinking about that video of the band in the dressing room, camera moving from guy to guy in conjunction with scenes of Paul Stanley longingly singing to the camera:

What ever happened to music videos anyways? Wasn't there once a whole channel just devoted to showing them?

"Way Cool Junior" by Ratt. Here is one I heard the other day and I have to admit, I had completely forgotten about until I turned the radio on just as this song was beginning. Of course nobody ever forgets "Round and Round", but "Way Cool Junior" is another later-in-the-80s hit from this quintessential 80's-looking band:

"Long Way to Love" by Britney Fox. Here is one that only a true Hair Nation fan could love. I remember when this video first hit MTV, I was completely enthralled by the lead singer's voice and really could not believe it was real at first. I also remember the follow-up video to this one, called "Girl School", with one of the time one of the hottest chicks I'd ever seen, complete with the catholic school skirt, the white knee-highs, and body dimensions far out of whack for anyone I ever went to high school with:

And here is Girl School, for the pervs out there:

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