Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dank and Donkey Island Pimp

So tonight is the Dank at 10pm ET on full tilt -- the buyin is a mere $10 and the password as always is "vegas1", and as always the tournament is open to anyone and everyone. The Dank has been coming in right around 20 players or so over the past few weeks as it is, and now with Donkey Island Poker in effect, I'm hoping we could get a little more than that out for the game this evening.

I have to say, even after just one day of Donkey Island Poker so far, I am actually pretty intrigued, much moreso than I ever thought I would be, let alone at this point in the game. Of course, first and foremost my focus has been and continues to be outlasting everyone from Team Donkey, which will mean for the second straight week that someone from Team Donkey is subject to being voted out of the game, while my teammates on Team Fish will remain immune from an elimination vote. I just want to go out there and play my game and try to last as long as I can in every one of these tournaments because, Team Fish not being subject to an elimination vote means that I am not subject to being booted, and even though at first I didn't know what I thought of this whole Survivor Poker idea, at the moment I think I would like to see my stay in the game extended at least for a little bit longer here.

Regarding the elimination of NumbBono after our first Donkey Island tournament this past Sunday, let me just say for the record that if anyone votes someone out of the game because that person eliminated the voter from that week's tournament, that some is pretty much backwards thinking there if you ask me. Think about it -- since the only objective from team play is to have at least one person from your team outlast all the players from the other team, it's actually kind of a great thing to have one of the 8 team members eliminate all other 7 of his or her teammates on their way to amassing the huge stack that will be needed to outlast and survive the longest in these tournaments. I can easily imagine a situation where I'm in there with three or four players left, and I've got 100k in chips, whereas Player A from Team Donkey has 75k, Player B from Team Donkey has 70k left, and Player C from Team Donkey has 55k left. I have more chips than any single player on Team Donkey -- and thus in theory I have a better chance of outlasting each of them than any of them do of outlasting me -- but if one of them eliminates the other two, suddenly I am a 100k stack facing a 200k stack from Team Donkey for all the elimination marbles. It's actually the best thing that can happen for a team to have all of their big stacks eliminated and absorbed by the same teammate where at all possible. So, the notion of people voting out Numb because he knocked them all summarily out of the tournament is not only inaccurate I think, but also really not a thoughtful approach to the Survivor Poker game at all.

In any event, tonight at 10pm is the Dank and the next leg of Donkey Island poker. Will Team Fish have to face its first elimination vote and potentially kick off the man everyone loves to hate from their team? Or will Team Donkey be forced to further cannibalize itself, designating a second member of its team for elimination from the game here just four days into its beginning? One of the cool things about this part of Donkey Island Poker at least it that I know going in that, if I just keep winning these tournaments, then my team will not be voting someone out, and I am in like Flynn for at least another week. Even though winning a poker tournament against a bunch of flonkadonks is at least 50% a total crapshoot on any given night, I have to admit I do like that feeling of control I get from knowing going in that if I perform my best, I can personally ensure that I am still in the game next week, no matter how much my team is conspiring against me and no matter how bad anyone else on my team plays tonight.

Go Team Fish! Down with the Donkeys! And that's "Donkeys" with a capital "D", just to clarify.

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