Monday, February 20, 2006

Confidence Begets Confidence

As I mentioned here earlier, I cashed in the Party million dollar guaranteed tournament this weekend, and since then I have been riding on a confidence high not seen since I final tabled three events in ten days in January. I not only had my largest single cash in an online event, but I withdrew a nice cashout from my party account, the first time I've ever done that on party, and the whole thing just feels good.

With my newfound confidence, my buddy V, who railbirded me throughout the million dollar guarantee, convinced me to play a $6 buyin, 18-person turbo sng on pokerstars. Usually he is a single-table sng guy, but I guess he knows I prefer the larger tournaments, and to compromise he suggested the 2-table tournaments, a format with which I have seen much success in my time of playing online.

Long story short, I won the tourney:

Then V, who bubbled out of the first one, got me to do another of the exact same format tournaments:

It was a good night.


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