Sunday, February 12, 2006


Last night I'm kicking some ass in the pokerstars 180 sng. I'm in like 12th place out of 115 remaining with about 20 minutes or so until the first break. I mean I've been flopping trips with my pocket pairs, bluff reraising, slow playing donkeys to perfection, the whole gamut. I'm really on my game. Then I limp in in the big blind against two other large stacks (both donkeys, btw) with Q-10. Flop comes Q82. Donkey #1 bets, donkey #2 folds, I raise and donk1 calls my raise. Flop is a Jack. Donk1 checks, clarifying exactly how not happy he really is with his hand, so I move in with my top pair solid (clearly better) kicker, he thinks and calls. And flips over....Q9. Now, for ALL the times I need to suckout two pairs against some luckbox who flopped a smaller two pairs with small connectors, etc., and NEVER get it, of course THIS time I hit my 10 on the river for a solid two pairs. Of course it also makes the donkmaster an inside straight with his dominated hand. And of course this ahole had me covered (I'm sure from doing this same thing to some other poor saps), so I was out just like that. I know that this 180 sng is one of the softest tournaments out there overall, but what good is it if I'm going to repeatedly get sugged on by heehawers? That, and the fact that I've sneezed at least 500 times today due to this lovely cold I got from a coworker, and I'm having a *really* annoying weekend thus far.


Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Sorry to hear that, man. You're due for a swing of good luck soon. Hopefully you'll hit it in the WWdN on Tuesday, and hopefully your luck will be just slightly less than mine. :-) See you at the final table maybe.

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