Wednesday, February 08, 2006

WWdN Tuesday

Well, I just got knocked out in 31st place out of 99 entrants in the latest installment of the WWdN tournament, and I am Tilty McTilt. It's not the losing that gets to me. It's the fact that my pocket Aces got beat by a guy who drew two pairs with a 10-5o. What the FUCK?!! It's that I was only dealt TWO pocket pairs in the ENTIRE tournament -- those Aces, and Kings earlier, when an Ace flopped (of course) and I was forced to fold (of course), losing my sizeable preflop raise (of course). It's that, after fighting back solidly following my rockets getting cracked, I was crippled once again by a suckout artist holding 10-J to my A5. And with that one, it wasn't enough for me to get beaten...Noooo, I had to endure my opponent flopping jacks while I flopped 5s, but then the Ace on the turn brought me two pairs and the significant lead, only to see the third jack fall on the river. What THE FUCK?!! But don't worry, because when I was allin for my last 969 chips in the SB with QJo, with NO limpers so far behind me (a play I had to make), the BB was STILL able to call with A6, and of COURSE that one held up. But in that case the BB was Sir Waffles, so at least I can take comfort in knowing I was busted by a well respected and respectable poker blogger, and the eventual winner of the entire tournament. Some comfort.

And hey xkm, you aren't STILL sitting by your computer, wagging off with one hand and just PRAYING for me to bust out, are you? You behaved like quite a L-O-S-E-R yesterday after you got beat. And unlike me and several others, YOU got busted fair n square, when bdr called your allin AJ with his AQ. What a read, and what a fuckoff of you. You need to learn to handle the losses better, especially ones that are 100% Your Own Doing. And I got news for you bra, when Hoyazo, the self-proclaimed King of Tilt, is telling you that YOU need to handle losing better, that should be your sign that you need to sit back, take stock, and go read The Zen of Poker or something.

Pissedly yours,

ps I did get to play (and show, of course) two Hammers in the tourney at least, winning preflop with both of them, as well as an 82 suited which I also decided at the last minute to raise big with from the SB with no one else in yet. Waffles says he has a read on my hammer playing, but I'd sure love to see some proof of that. I think Waffles is just lucky he didn't have to test that read anytime before the lack of playable hands combined with the horrific beats on my few playable hands to get me out of this tourney tonight. I'll be back on Thursday night though, make no mistake about it.


Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Sorry about your bad beats man. Sounds like what I went through last week. Hopefully Thursday night turns out better.

11:35 PM  
Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Lol. Love it! I dunno if you can out-tilt-me though. I got years of practice.

Here is the deal. I only said I had a read because you broke the cardinal rule of poker: Never vary your bet based on your hand strength. Obviously you did not want any calls with your 72o and 73o hands.. however, 99% of the hands you played you did a reasonable 3xBB with a continuation bet on the flop. The REALLY weak hands I think had you scared so you ended up doing more like 6xBB, etc.. which was a tipoff since you were so consistant all the other times..

Anyway, that was my read, and if I had a hand better than 93o when you pulled any of those moves I would have called you not because I am a super poker player but because I beleive in my reads.

I also thought it was pretty funny (Not HAHA Funny but Painfuly true funny) how I said you probably limp with Aces, and then you limped, and they got MAJOR cracked. It was your fault. Remember that. T5 folds if you raise 3xBB. So scratch that off your bad beat list.

Anyway I look forward to seeing you Thursday. Good luck.

6:02 AM  

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