Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PokerStars $6x18 Turbo Tourney

V and I played another of the $6 buyin, 18 person turbo sng's on pokerstars tonight, after I won two out of two of these things yesterday. The result:

Overall last night, I lost about 50 cents, and had a ton of fun playing some really good poker. I won the $36 in the 6x18 sng, but I finished in the bottom third of the pokerstars $10 tourney when my AJ in the cutoff with no one in the pot yet, proved to be up against AK in the BB, and I was done, much earlier than I like to be in these things. And, I entered the full tilt satellite to the $200 buyin tournament on Wednesday night, in which I went out in 19th out of 56 when my QQ got bad beat with my opponent's AJo. Dam I HATE it how much an Ace flops on the river when I have Kings or Queens. I would blame that on online poker, but that particular occurence seems to happen just as much in live games.

Anyways, the story of the evening for me has to be that 6x18 sng on stars. That is three wins in my last three of these tourneys. You do NOT want to be up against me in one of these things.


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