Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Update: WPBT is Back!

That's right. After a long couple of months off due to the WSOP and just the summertime travel season in the U.S., Byron finally brought back his wpbt tournament series this past Sunday evening for a good old fashioned no-limit holdem tournament on pokerstars. As I have written about previously on the blog, I was in 7th place overall, and 5th place in points-per-event, in Byron's script-generated wpbt standings before this weekend's tournament, and I have been focusing on these wpbt events more than, say, your average blogger tournament as I look to prove my greatness among the best all-around poker players that the blogging community has to offer.

Last night, 19 players showed up to test their mettle at the first wpbt tournament since early summer, and the roll call ended up including many of the big bloggers who don't always play in our usual weekly games. Pauly was there, along with Change1OO, BadBlood and a host of others who have made it out for many of the wpbt tournaments. Conspicuously missing was current wpbt leader StB, but most of the rest of the top players on the board made an appearance as we all fought to make the top 9 spots and therefore collect more wpbt points to retain or add to our positions on the wpbt leaderboard.

Long story short, I stuck with my moderated aggression play fairly well throughout the first hour or so of the tournament, making only one or two big bluffs where I had nothing on the river but was sure my opponent had nothing either. Not too long into the final table, I found myself in 7th place of 8 remaining players, and I looked down to find pocket 9's in late position. Fishy McDonk puts in a standard 3x raise from MP, and I push allin from behind with my 9's. having already gotten to the final table and thus adding more critical wpbt points to my position in the standings, I was certainly hoping for a fold but willing to take a race at this point in the event. Well, I got neither as Fishy flipped up his pocket Aces, and I was crippled. I managed to hold on for a few more hands, long enough actually to see Fishy himself get eliminated in 8th place, and then I bowed out in 7th for another nice showing overall for me in a wpbt tournament.

In the end, congratulations to Mr. Blood who took this thing down after SoxLover had built up a seemingly insurmountable chip lead with around 7 players remaining at the final table. Thanks and congratulations also to our host himself, who not only sets these tournaments up and keeps the leaderboard, but also came in second place last night after quite a long and hard-fought heads-up battle with Blood from a significant chip deficit the whole time. A great time was had by all as always, and I note that I have retained my 5th place spot overall for now, as Byron has already updated the wpbt standings to reflect Sunday night's event. Next on the schedule for the wpbt is going to be Omaha hi-lo, a game I highly recommend for anyone who loves to play poker and is looking to branch out beyond just the all holdem, all the time mentality that a huge portion of today's players seem to espouse. It's been a long while since I've played in a straight O8 tournament, so it should be fun in a few Sundays when I can once again continue my run to the top of the wpbt standings. Just deal me lots of wheel cards in that thing and I should do just fine.

In other news from this weekend, I am thrilled to say that my no-limit holded mtt game is really back in the house just now. From Friday night to Sunday night, I cashed in the party 40k guaranteed tournament twice, with 122nd place being my highest finish for a payout of around 3.5 times my buyin for the event, and I also cashed in the full tilt 20k guaranteed over the weekend after blowing a massive chip stack that had me in 2nd place out of 176 players remaining in that tournament. So no major hits yet, but just the fact that I'm exploring around the cash positions again in these big events is significant for me. Whereas a few months ago I literally could not double up even one time in a tournament to save my life, nowadays I finally have my game back. Just about every mtt I play lately, I have the patience to wait until my cards enable me to double up my chips, usually during the first hour, and I've been able to overcome a number of bad beats and bad plays from opponents along the way to make some consistent noise in these events for the first time in a while.

You know, it really is amazing how off my game had become during most of the summer. I mean, it is literally true that I did not manage to double up from my starting stack at any time during the ftp 20k or the party 40k for about two straight months during this summer. Now, I'm almost always doubling up at some point during the tournament, usually in the first hour even. I think I was just pushing way too hard with subobtimal hands preflop, the A8o in EP, the KJo in MP, etc., and then allowing myself to lose too much money, or worse yet to get allin on a coinflip situation, when I did play those hands. Lately I'm finding it really is true, if you play smart and remain patient, the cards should eventually give you a chance to make a big move and be able to survive somewhat early on until at least the next good cards you get to play with. In any event, I am so happy to be away from that period this summer and back into positive mtt land, and I'm once again at the point where I look forward to playing in the nightly guaranteed tournaments when I have the chance.

And speaking of playing in nightly tournaments, it's that time again....

Come join us tonight at 10pm ET under the pokerstars "private" tournament tab for our weekly Mondays at the Hoy tournament. It's a lot of fun, and almost all the players regularly read this blog, so we all have that in common, in addition to being degenerates interested in poker. I am already registered, and I got the $20 buyin part right again this week (I made sure), so let's do that tonight. In fact, why don't you all be men and two-table the Hoy along with the 20k guaranteed tournament at 10pm ET tonight on full tilt? I'll definitely be in there no doubt, so hopefully our paths will cross.

Quickly, the weekend in football. What to say. My Eagles embarrassed themselves like only a Philadelphia team can. After blowing the Giants way and railing all over them for 2 1/2 quarters, the Eagles brass decided we should stop playing both offense and defense, and the result was a dramatic 17-point comeback for the hated Giants, and then an overtime victory on a -- let's be honest here -- absurd throw by Eli Manning that resulted in a game-winning OT touchdown because Eagles' cornerback Sheldon Brown does not belong in the NFL. Maybe a WNFL if they ever make one, but he is not fit to start or even warm the bench in the National Football League. He is a horrendous corner, and he showed why with that recockulous game winning td for Burress yesterday in that game. Disgusting. Otherwise, Mr. Multitable's Chargers are looking real good right now, aren't they? And the Ravens look to be really enjoying having a solid quarterback to go along with that powerful and vengeful defense for the first time in the team's existence. And what the hike happened to the Dolphins yesterday? Is Daunte Culpepper worthless for good, or is it just me?

How can Carolina be so good with Steve Smith in there, but so bad when Smith sits out? One receiver should not have that much of an impact on your team in my book. And the Redskins' book is officially closed for this year as far as I'm concerned -- they suck and I've seen enough of that team to be comfortable making that proclamation publicly. Mark Brunell looks a whole lot like I imagine I would look if they made me the Redskins quarterback tomorrow -- the guy is just all jumpy back there, moving his feet around frantically while he desperately searches for someone, anyone open to avoid getting hit again. He is terrible and that team is wandering aimlessly right now. And let's not neglect to mention the despicable Cowboys, who now have lost TO for 2-4 weeks due to a broken finger, an injury that I solemnly guarantee you would not be being claimed by TO right now if he wasn't set to face the Eagles in Philly in 3 weeks. What a pussy that guy is, and if I ever see him I will tell him it right to his face. Right before I beat his ass that is. Scumbag.

In other fantasy news, we have Larry Johnson with exactly zero touchdowns in 2 games so far for the Chiefs. That's always good when you wasted your first overall fantasy pick on the guy, like I did in my own fantasy league. Nonetheless, it looks like I will win again in my league this week -- barring any redonkulous shenanigans from Jaguars' receiver Matt Jones tonight -- and I have also officially moved to 2-0 in my friend Brad's league as well. In KJ's blogger fantasy league, I lost to Miami Don's team since I recorded exactly two touchdowns total among my entire team of fantasy players, and this after I led the entire league in fantasy scoring in Week 1. I just lucked out there, it happens in fantasy football so I'm not going to get worked up about it. But it really does piss me off, make no mistake.

OK that's enough for today. I'll be back to my regular 20k elimination hand reviews tomorrow and the rest of this week (until I win the event, that is). For now this post will have to suffice. See you tonight at Mondays at the Hoy!


Blogger BadBlood said...

It was fun to watch your style in action Hoy. I like your game a lot.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Lifesagrind said...

I didn't even know about the wpbt event this weekend. I guess that was good news for you because that allowed you to finish one spot up from where you would have. :)

See you tonight!

12:34 AM  
Blogger Joanne1111 said...

"In fact, why don't you all be men and two-table the Hoy along with the 20k guaranteed tournament"


2:50 AM  
Blogger Drizztdj said...

I will state again, if Steve Smith played no way Carolina loses that game.

3:36 AM  

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