Friday, March 02, 2007

Gentlemen, Start Your Bracelet Races

Only time for a quick post today, but I want to report that the year in WSOP Bracelet Races started off with a bang on Thursday night, as three bloggers -- myself, Chad and my good friend Traumapoker joined a total of 80 players vying for a winner-take-all $2000 WSOP prize package in a game of HORSE. I'm happy to say that the poker bloggers made a very nice showing for ourselves, with me being the first one out in 16th place after taking pocket Queens in limit holdem up against a shorter stack for nearly all of our chips on a flop of 44T against what turned out miraculously to be pocket Aces for my opponent. Gross. But what should I expect with those biatches, right?

Despite my 2-tables-left finish, I'm happy to report that both Trauma and Chad busted their way to the final table, Trauma mostly on the strength of an early hilo hand where he busted two fairly large stacks at once after hitting runner-runner-runner 339 to make a full house against two other high-only hands after choosing to stay in with...uh...let's say an interesting starting three cards. Here's what your final table looked like in the first Bracelet Race of 2007:

Unfortunately it was not meant to be for Trauma, who made an ill-advised push with a three-card Jack (but a 5 showing) early in the first razz round at the final table, and my man ended up in 7th place after a very nice run, replete with at least two A2xx raises in O8, which I beleve is Trauma's best poker game. A nice job to Trauma who was actually in first place a lot of the way through this event.

Faring better was Chad, who managed to make a late push into the final few spots at the final table. In fact, after hitting a big two pairs over smaller two pairs hand with 3 players left, Chad took back the chip lead for the first time since early at the final table. Unfortunately a few hands later saw Chad lose a medium-sized pot, and then the 2nd place player eliminated the 3rd place guy, leaving Chad at about a 7-to-1 chip disadvantage heading into heads-up play, just one spot away from winning his WSOP seat after bubbling several WSOP Bracelet Races last year already for our one of our most successful mtt bloggers. In the end, sadly it was not meant to be, as Chad made a valiant effort but then caught a tough break and bounced out in second place, starting things off with yet another bubble.

Nonetheless, as I said above the bloggers their presence felt well here at the very beginning of Bracelet Race season, where I'm sure a number of us will be winning seats this year before all is said and done. And congratulations to both of Trauma and Chad for their final table performances last night, more of which is to come from both of them I'm sure.

That's all for today as I will be out most of the morning "on business" for my day job. I should be back at it tonight with the midnight ET $216 buyin Bracelet Race, which I fully expect to qualify for in one (or more) of those three satellites during the 9-10pm ET hour this evening on full tilt. See you then!



Blogger lightning36 said...

Thanks for all the information about the Full Tilt options. I might give some a try even though FTP kicks my butt more than any other site.

11:12 PM  
Blogger cracknaces said...

I plan to bubble at least three more of these!! I would just rather get 68th, I hate bubbling these things. It is soooooooo demoralizing. I will probably be in that $200 bracelet race with you. I can't wait for Sunday, the $69+$6 bracelet races are where its at! Can't play tonight, I suck at re-buys...

4:46 AM  

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