Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Starting Strong in the BBTwo, and Thank You FTP RNG

So my plans for this week have changed somewhat since I came into the week planning to focus on FTOPS satellites in preparation for the upcoming FTOPS VI on full tilt. With the BBTwo now official, my plan is instead to do whatever I have to do this week to get into the right frame of mind for the beginning of the challenge. Over time I have proven to be a streaky tournament player, and when game is a little off I tend to go weeks without any meaningful wins. That sucks, especially when I'm just five days away from the beginning of the BBTwo: The Aussie Millions Challenge.

As an aside, I will be clear up front that there is no way, no way I could ever ever never ever ever go to Australia in January. Period. End of story. It wouldn't be remotely possible. If I won the trip I would have to figure something out with somebody or with full tilt. Obviously the odds of that are crazingly low but I'm just sayin....But anyways, I am playing more for the fun of it, for the challenge, and for the bragging rights. That's all I'm ever playing for really, for the challenge of the game and trying to beat that challenge. And hey, if I can play my way into some big weekend guaranteed tournament or the FTOPS or an iPod Touch (whatever that is, which is the same exact thing I said about the Nintendo Wii when Al announced it as a sponsored prize for the first BBT, and look how that turned out) while I'm hanging out with fake internet friends and playing a game I love, then more power to me.

But the important thing this time around for me is to start well. If you recall in the first BBT, I literally made the points in just like one of my first 11 events or something. It was hideous, I was playing like ass and not focusing on the points structure and its ramifications on the play of others. Even the people not expressly folding to the points were playing a little different, at least during that first 90 minutes or so as the points bubble came and then just after it burst as well. There was a lot of value, a lot of value, in those times in basically every BBT tournament that was played, and as a result it was fairly easy once I started focusing on this to get myself back moving up the leaderboard, and I ended strong to close the series in 4th place overall. And I've been loving my Wii ever since, that thing is just awesome. But dam if I couldn't have won that whole BBT thing if I hadn't shat the bed so hard in the first month or so of the 3-month challenge. I went from about 120th to 4th over the last maybe 6 weeks of that thing, and I feel like I could have given ole' luckyflop a real run for his money. So this time around, I need to focus on starting strong.

All this is a long way of saying that I took on the 9:45pm ET token frenzy on Tuesday night in preparation for this coming Sunday night's Big Game, along with probably 6 or 7 of my blogger friends whom I also assume are playing their way in on Sunday at 9:30pm ET for the first event of the BBTwo. And after missing the first 15 minutes or so, which is basically my new move in all the blonkaments and the frenzies I play, I sat in late, quickly tripled up and ran my way all the way to near the bubble at 16 seats awarded. Then, with Columbo a couple of seats to my left, I withstood a longer than expected bubble period for this:

And with that, I did the right thing right away with that $75 token won:

Come on guys, get in there to the Big Game and start up the BBTwo right!

Now today I leave you with this question: is this the single worst play youve ever seen rewarded by the "r"ng on the full tilt server? (Presented in movie format for your viewing pleasure, since I have no ability to even speak about this hand anymore):

Wait for it....

Wait for it....


Just wow.

Have a good Wednesday everybody, and don't forget to hit up the Mookie Wednesday night at 10pm ET on full tilt. Password as always is "vegas1". I'm trying to get all of my donkey out of my system with this week's blonkaments so I can start up right for the BBTwo in a few days, so come one and come all and take a chunk of my starting stack early in the Mookie tonight!


Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...


By the way, is that KOD that I see in the Big Tournament???????

10:29 PM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

It is my friend, it is. He played in the MATH the other night too.

The KOD is back in the hizzyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

10:48 PM  
Blogger iamhoff said...

Sick, man. As soon as I saw the s00ted cards, I knew he was gonna frush your ass. And sadly, knowing how the fonkeys love their s00ted paint, even if you hadn't limped the fonkey would've likely come along. Das pokah.

12:13 AM  
Blogger smokkee said...

sOOted paint is *gold*

12:19 AM  
Blogger Julius_Goat said...

But where is the KOD blog?

Don't tell me he's now thecashgamemachine or thelivegamemachine or the deletingmyblogmachine . . .

2:25 AM  
Blogger Chad C said...

Dude, you told me awhile back that you never lose with AA in cash. WTF was that?

2:48 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I never used to lose with pocket Aces man. This is the kind of shit it takes to get me to lose with AA. I'm not sure I recall a worse play by an anus to win a frucking $440 pot than this horseshit.

Please don't get me started talking about this hand again.

4:02 AM  
Blogger bayne_s said...

That's a rough hand, if you are up against me I would at least have the decency to be playing pocket 4s or 6s to stack you.

5:17 AM  
Blogger Dillo said...

Wow indeed. I just threw up in my own mouth. Makes me never want to play cash seeing shit like that. Seriously.

10:33 AM  
Blogger yabi said...

I literally walked away from my screen when I read this post.

11:00 AM  

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