Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Work Tilt, More FTOPS, and Mookday

Well, it's Mookday and that means we are getting on near half way through the work week, which for me already feels like it's been a good 25 or 30 weeks long. All the stuff I've written about before about my job is all coming to a head these days, including the one person we hired that I've mentioned a few times before continuing to be more and more of a total and complete flake, and my boss being an abject pussy who is afraid to stand up to this bitchcock and do something about it. The end result is an entire team of pissed off employees, and a total lack of respect for anything my scrotumless boss says or does anymore.

I always thought of this as common knowledge myself, but for those of you who are bosses or otherwise manage other employees out there, please do not ever underestimate the ability of one bad hire, one horrible employee on a team, to affect all the others around him or her. And never, ever underestimate the affect on the rest of the team, in the present and for ever, if you consistently allow that person to walk all over you and the others on the team without doing anything about it as the boss and the leader of the group. I read this in a cheesey management book once, but it's as true as it is cheesey -- if a boss lets mediocrity infect an organization, it will affect everything and everyone. Even the best employees will be affected forever by the boss's acceptance of mediocrity. And here's another thing from that same cheeseass book: hire slow, but fire fast. There it is right there. My boss certainly took his time hiring this bitch to begin with, and yet it was obvious within maybe two weeks or so that she was simply not working out. I'm not sure if it was the insistence on hiring outside counsel to do her work during her very first week on the job, or maybe it had something to do with the 15 sobbing sessions in my and my other colleague's offices during those first couple of weeks, but whatever the kicker was, it was poignantly, painfully obvious during that very first month that this chica was not going to work out. Period. She's unstable, she's lazy, and as it turns out, she is a raging con artist who makes up lie after lie, excuse after excuse, to get out of coming to work, to get out of doing work even if she is here, whatever she has to say or do. She takes at least one day off every single week with some cockamamy bullshit excuse, and meanwhile our boss does absolutely nothing. Since all this started and our boss has knowingly allowed it to continue and in fact consistently get worse, the other employees here don't work hard anymore either, don't come in to the office before 11am (and the boss still does nothing about that either), and when we are here we basically sit around trashing on him and on this bitch from morning till night. It's a horrible situation.

Now, although of course the lazy shitbitch we hired is the root cause of all the problems I've written about here in my office, in my mind this ceased being about her a long time ago. It's been 8 months or something that she's been here, and we've all known exactly what she's all about for about 7 1/2 of those 8 months. No, at some point several months ago this ceased being the bitchass's fault and became my boss's fault. And you know what the worst part of it all is? The reason my boss won't do anything about the cuntass in the office up the hall? Because he went to bat with his big boss to hire her, and had to convince him to hire her because I guess the big boss saw something alarming in her that my boss did not. Still, the big boss let my guy make the final hiring decision, and he went ahead with her. So now, there is no way my boss has the fortitude or the confidence to admit his mistake to his big boss. Instead, he decided a long time ago to just keep quiet about her, and pass off all her work myself and little bit on the other lawyer in my group, and to do the rest of her work himself. Publicly, in front of all the rest of us. Do you have any idea how much I would love to have my boss take most of my calls, handle most of my negotiations, at this job? Can you imagine how much better client service I could provide if instead of the 85 deals I currently have active on my plate, I only had 2 or 3 deals to focus on like the vagishit up the hall does? But yet he only does her work, and has myself and my other colleague do the rest of it, for almost an entire year now, and it's all done to save my boss's own skin with his own management. The whole thing is such a clusterfuck I can't even really begin to describe it in a post like this. But there I tried it anyways. Suffice it to say, work fucking blows conch these days. And I'll be doing something about it sooner or later, make no mistake.

OK, so back to poker. Tuesday night was FTOPS #9, the $216 buyin PLO8 tournament that I had satellited into the night before by crushing the nightly 9:45pm ET megasatellite that full tilt has been running every night during FTOPS time for the next night's FTOPS tournament, usually at a $50 buyin and sporting a good number of guaranteed FTOPS seats. So I sat down ready to play at 9pm ET on Tuesday, but things started off wrong and just got worse and worse for me. My performance overall was funny. Not ha-ha funny but more like kiss my ass and let me punch you in the face afterwards you phucking biatch funny. In the end, I busted out in about 40 minutes after being rivered for big pots five separate times, when I had been ahead on the turn all five times. It was that simple. I had the nut low, top pair and the nut flush draw and got a lot of chips into the middle on the turn, only to see a 2 come on the river to miss the flush, make the ever-drawable 6-high straight for my opponent and counterfeit my nut low. Sweetness. I was rivered on high-only boards two other times with straights, and one time when my opponent called off his stack with garbage only to nail a 2-outer set at the river. The fifth rivering was another situation where I was ahead with both the nut low and a made straight, and when my opponent made a longshot flush on the river that again counterfeited my nut low with an Ace, IGH. I don't even know where I finished, but out of 1330-some entrants, it had to be somewhere in the 1000s or 1100s. I was never above my starting stack, and I never won a big pot all the way through, despite getting in tons of money on the flop and turn when I was significantly ahead. It was frustrating and shitty, and frankly sometimes I don't know why I play donk games like O8, but it's still poker and for me, poker by its nature is fun. But I will stand by my statement I've made many times here -- other than Limit O8, PLO8 is about as dumb a poker game as there is. Get an A2 dealt to you, and you will walk into the nut low automatically in many hands. Ghey. That's not poker, folks, and that's not the way normal poker works. And even at a $216 buyin, that is not nearly enough to get people to stop donkey-drawing with shit hands. I'm convinced from what I saw last night that people don't even know the first thing about how to play this game in most cases. I mean, when you see people taking down pots in O8 by playing hands like K973 with three suits, and, my personal favorite, K862 all clubs, it's not hard to imagine why these guys are calling me down repeatedly from behind and then sucking out. Whatever. F PLO8.

On to the better news -- Tuesday night was actually a fairly positive night of poker for me overall, despite the abomination known as FTOPS #9. First off, with Miami Don's next Big Game coming up this Sunday night at 9pm ET, I jumped back into the 9:45pm ET token frenzy on full tilt for the first time in a few weeks. I got donked on the second hand by some guy who limped as the second limper from early position with what turned out to be pocket Queens. Let me say that again: a guy limped from utg, and then this dude limped as well with QQ. Of course three more limpers entered the pot after him, showing as clearly as I could imagine why limping with QQ as a second limper into the pot is just about the worst possible play. Long story short, I ended up allin with the guy with my AQ and his QQ held up since I cannot win with nor win against the nasty ladies, and suddenly in the chat box comes the comment "You should update ur blog with a call that bad." Yes, so sorry I could not put you on pocket Queens having limped from early position in a multi-way pot. It's always nice to be recognized from the blog at the table I guess, but comments like that can really get to me. That's why it was especially fun when I watched the guy donk out two tables later by calling not one but two allins with his pocket 7s. Ugh. When he busted with that, I made sure to type in "Yes, I will have to update the blog for that call, good idea." He ended up being an ok guy I guess as we chatted a bit more, and I ended up with this:

With this token, I immediately bought into the Big Game coming up on Sunday:

Are you in there yet? Why not? Get into that token frenzy, running every night this week at 9:45pm ET, where for $14 you can win a $75 token with only a modicum of good luck and good play, and the whole thing generally only takes about 80 minutes including a 5-minute break after an hour when you're already getting close to the tokens.

Oh yeah, I also played the $50 megasatellite into Wednesday night's FTOPS #10, the $300 rebuy nlh tournament. This is not something I've even thought about satelliting into, because I'm just not in a position to play a big rebuy like this and actually buy in multiple times for $300 a pop. But I did decide at the last minute to go for the $50 buyin satellite, taking my one and only cheap shot at what will be my one and only rebuy into the tournament tonight. And I played awesome, jumping out to an early big stack and never really relinquishing it, even through the typically horrible bubble period that lasted almost a full hour in this thing before the $322 buyins were finally awarded:

Rest assured, I will not be rebuying in this thing no matter what. But, I suppose that if I make it to the break I will almost surely add on, because not adding on in a tournament like this is just about always a poor strategic decision that is -EV over time, especially when the addon chips are discounted from the original buyin and rebuy price, as they almost always are in these things. But with just the one rebuy and with people playing like uberdonks during Monkey Hour, I recognize that I have almost no chance in the FTOPS tonight. It will more be something to do while I get myself psyched up to win my first Mookie tournament this evening**. Don't forget to be there as the BBTwo rolls on with the Mookie tonight at 10pm ET on full tilt (password as always is "vegas1"). I for one cannot wait to see you there. ***

** Not representative of reality. In reality I will be donked early from the Mookie tonight when some digghead insta-calls me with a dominated hand and then sucks out some bullshit. Typical Mookie in other words.

*** Not true. If you're the fonkey who's going to insta-call me with garbage just to see if you can get yourself ranted about tomorrow, then I most certainly can wait to see you there. I'm just trying to be polite and continue to foster that kind, loving image I have built up over time that you guys all know and love.

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Blogger Astin said...

Is she at least hot?

1:06 AM  
Blogger Drizztdj said...

PLO8 is only retarded when you lose, when you win its the easiest game ever.

Me being in a 13 buy-in downswing currently, I'd classify the game as being down right Special Olympics like.

3:33 AM  
Blogger L'artiste said...

If she was hot, the female employees would be bitching, the guys would be making the excuses.

I'm guessing she is not.

3:35 AM  
Blogger TripJax said...

I loves me some work rant posts from sir hoy cause I learn new ways to curse at people.

I'm adding bitchcock to my repertoire as well as vagishit.

Thank you.

3:37 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Not hot, guys. Possibly somewhat good looking, one day long ago. But not these days.

Then, I hate her far too much at this point to even be objective about it at this point.

Thank you though for asking the important questions that I completely forgot to mention in my post. I'm glad I can always count on my readers to get to the point with such things.

4:20 AM  
Blogger bayne_s said...

"Get an A2 dealt to you, and you will walk into the nut low automatically in many hands. Ghey."

Since 47% of all hands dealt do not have a qualifying low at all and you hit the Ace or 2 ~2/3 of time this approach to the game will get you busted out early!

5:47 AM  

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