Wednesday, July 16, 2008

F Poker (Part XLIV), and Micro League Baseball

Tuesday night sucked balls when it comes to poker. Yes I did win a couple of FTOPS satellites early in the evening, one of which I just took the $T from while I guess I will just stay registered for FTOPS #1 which is coming up in a few weeks. But other than that, it was just rediuckubeat after redickubeat. I don't even want to talk about it. I mean, I got two-outered on the second hand of the stars 5050 when my my A7 got called allin by 97 on a board of A97. One second all the chips go in, the next second the 9 falls on the turn, and IGH on hand #2. Seven minutes into Skillz razz on Tuesday, I was dealt 777. Too pissed to even put up the screenshot, but that's just how it was for me -- rolled up just seven minutes in to blogger razz.

In the full tilt 5050, I fared a little better than the stars version, where I lasted 34 whole minutes until my AK lost to QQ. Yeah yeah I know that's nothing to complain about, right? Well, how about the fact that the money went in on the flop, when I made top pair of Kings and my donkponent couldn't lay down the pocket Queens, huh? Feelin' a little worse about it now, are we? So ghey. That two-outer was of course was on the river. I also busted out of two super turbo satellites, which of course are mostly luckfests anyways, but in these I ran QQ into KK early -- uber ghey in super turbo land of course -- and then topped that off by losing TT to 88 allin preflop on the rivered straight. We've all been there, you know what these filthy nights are like.

Oh and I should not forget -- I even ran in the donkfield known as the nightly 28k on full tilt, and in this rare appearance I managed to not only run AK into KK in the first hour, but we of course did not get the money in until the Ace-high flop, my bet and my opponent's inability to fold his Kings when clearly beat. Then the predestined King on the turn gave me the unfoldable top two pairs, and once again IGH frigging pizzed off. By the time I ended the night with my A9 losing to AA on an A8549 board to knock me out in the middle of the pack in the 10:45pm ET $109 satellite into the 1 million guaranteed tournament this weekend on full tilt, my night had been so magically delicious that I knew, I just knew, it was time to hang 'em up for the night.

Believe me, I don't want to talk about it.

You know what I do want to talk about though? Micro League Baseball. There's no way I'm the only who was reminded by the All-Star Game pre-game on Tuesday of playing Micro League Baseball on the early pc's all the time. I was such a mathy dork even then, I remember running an entire 162-game series between the AL All-Time Greats and the NL All-Time Greats, and keeping stats on average, home runs and RBIs for every player on both teams. As I recall, Hank Aaron and I think Stan Musial might have hit the most home runs over the 162 games, but back when this was (early 80s I guess?), the full-season numbers were kinda silly ridiculous as I recall -- people hitting 75 home runs in a season and such other silliness. It's amazing how much a generation of performance-enhancing drug use can change things, isn't it?

Can I possibly be the only person out there who used to play and love Micro League Baseball?

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Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I played the SHIT out of Micro League Baseball, a full season with the Royals and the Mets, and I don't remember a huge disparity between the regular stats and the Micro League stats, which you could keep track of automatically.

Great memories.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Wooot Dan!

"Ruth has got a bead on it..."

12:29 AM  

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