Saturday, February 06, 2010


So here it is: the moment of truth.

Do I go with who I feel pretty confident is going to win the big game on Sunday? The team that seemed destined to win it all right from the getgo this season? The team that has won every single game all year long, regular season and postseason, when they actually attempted to win the game?

Or do I go with the opposite?

You may recall, after a dismal end of the regular season and early playoffs in picking these games, for the conference championship round I decided to do something drastic, opting to go Costanza on your asses by taking the opposite of what my gut was telling me for each game. So, since it was clear to me that the Colts were favored by too much against the Jets, I picked the Colts. And won. And it was equally clear to me that the Saints were going to cover the 3.5 point spread at home against the Minnesota Favres who had fallen dramatically at the end of the season. So there I went with the Vikes. And won.

2-0 after weeks and weeks of 2-3 and 1-4 performances?

I just don't see how I can forsake it now.

So with that, I present to you the hammerplayer pick for Superbowl 44:

New Orleans Saints +5 vs. the Indianapolis Colts. I don't know how else to pick it. My gut tells me that the Colts are the better team here. They played better in the regular season. They played better in the playoffs. After a slow start the Colts handily beat their conference championship opponents in the Jets, while the Saints got outgained badly and had to rely on 6 turnovers from the Favres including a final-seconds interception from near field goal range just to snatch a 3-point victory from Minnesota. Drew Brees is good, but Peyton Manning is better. And the Colts have experience on their side as well, with much of this team having been in the superbowl a few years ago as well. It all points towards the Colts, and the 5-point line is I think very beatable by this high-scoring Colts offense, especially considering how porous the Saints defense looked last week against a less potent offense than the Colts' this weekend.

So go with the Saints, and take the points. 2-0 going the Costanza, as compared to 6-23 in my final six weeks picking games the real way. I'll stick with the opposite. Go Saints!

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