Wednesday, May 05, 2010

BuddyDay, the BBT and Lost

Wednesdays are fun during the BBT, ain't they? Tonight will be the third of six Buddy tournaments during the BBT5, and tonight we will also learn the identity of the 12th of 24 qualifiers for the series-ending Tournament of Champions. After tonight, it's halfway gone. You guys who keep getting in ahead but just not lasting to the end, keep at it and with twelve more chances you've still got a better chance of getting there than anyone else in the field. Those of you who've been off your game, pushing too hard for the early double-up, stacking off earlier than you're used to with subpar hands, after you bust early tonight you will have wasted half of your chances to get in to the ToC without even playing the way you have had success with in the past. So sad, and so unnecessary. Let the halfway point be your wake-up call to start making better decisions, and in particular stop calling and pushing allin so early in the tournament when you know you are either behind or at best only slightly ahead if you get called.

I will probably be paying better attention than usual tonight since in the recent past I would often watch Lost a second time on Wednesdays during the Buddy just to figure out what the hell went on, but that's just not necessary for this show as it continues its de-evolution into Heroes. Last night, the candidates can't be killed by the bomb if the Losties don't pull the wires out. But if they do pull the wires out, then they can be killed? Oy vey. And the whole story -- from the start six years ago to the finish -- of Jin and Sun? Sucked. They never made those two actually relevant, to anything. Then for like two years they kept having one of them think the other was dead, which was done undramatically. Then a couple weeks back they finally had the at-long-last reunion between the two, and that was botched perhaps as badly as any scene this season. Who cares about Jin and Sun? Who ever cared? And certainly who cares about them now? I don't know either. Sayid? Who cares. They're leaving Claire? Who claires?

Oh, and by the way. Is there no opening that can simply eject that tiny little bomb from the submarine? They have to surface -- which apparently was 50 miles up in the just the 10 seconds they had been under water -- to get rid of the bomb, because otherwise, there's what, no airlock on this baby? No place where divers or passengers could exit the sub if need be or in case of repairs or emergency? No hangar or portal of any kind where a flat, square thing that easily fits in a breadbox can be just let out into the water to blow up there? What about the hatch they entered the sub through, is there no emergency override that would allow them to open that hatch up for 10 seconds and let this bomb out? Sayid hugging the bomb tightly and running to another part of the ship is the best plan they had huh. So a bunch of people discover a bomb on a submarine that they have total control of, they've got 3 minutes before it blows, and their best suggestions for dealing with the situation are to (1) let it tick down, because nothing will happen, (2) pull two random wires and hope it stops, (3) surface, or (4) hug the bomb tight and run away. Next thing you'll be telling me Jack's real name is Hiro and that he has the superpower to erase time or something. Sheesh.

And I'm not even going to get in to what a generally horrible job the show has done of actually explaining in any kind of a convincing way why almost any of the people currently "with" Flocke are actually with him. What was Kate ever doing there this season, "helping" him, actually? Why on earth was Jack ever there helping Flocke? Ever? They didn't even really try to put up a good explanation for Jack coming along with Flocke last night. Flocke just said, "I could kill you and all your friends, but I'm not. So you have to help me." And Jack just ate that one up, hook line and sinker. Makes sense, right? Evil incarnate tells you he could kill you -- a fact which we know from multiple episodes this season including the end of the show last night that Jack is positive is not true, mind you -- and that means you have to help Pure Evil escape its prison and unleash itself on the rest of the universe forever. Lezdoit!!

At least next week's scenes look good -- as I've been saying all season, next week's scenes, with Jacob and the Man in Black, and what looks like some flashbacks of theirs, the little boy who keeps the rules, that's the only shit anyone really cares about anymore. Sideways world, Desmond, even the battle with Flocke and Widmore doesn't mean doggy doo to me anymore. Just show me the mythology bitches. So next week's episode looks good. But this week was to say the least, not a good show. Stupid, insultingly stupid plot lines, just plain horrible killing off of characters in totally gratuitous and often silly ways, clearly in an attempt to just narrow down the surviving candidates one by one by one for us. The show has become so simple it is almost like watching the Teletubbies some times.

Anyways, I digress. Tonight is the Buddy at 10pm ET on full tilt. The password as always is "vegas1". The BBT5 is in effect again today, so I would probably expect maybe 85, 90 runners tonight once again, maybe more, in the battle for the $10 buyins, with the most skilled player in the field this evening sure to grab the midpoint seat in the upcoming ToC later this month.

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Blogger Bayne_S said...

It is rough when you discover that you are on the only submarine in the world without torpedo tubes and not one character has ever seen the "fire hazardous item" out tube in a movie.

12:07 AM  
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Blogger Josie said...

Geez, why do most poker bloggers seem to be from NY?

1:34 PM  
Blogger Skramly said...

Well, you got the mythology you wanted in last night's Lost epi. Complete with horrendous acting and writing that was even worse. Ugh! I'm so annoyed.

3:55 AM  

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