Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For My Teammates

Really, Brett Favre? You're just doing this for your teammates, huh?

I guess that extra $4 million in guaranteed money that you wrangled out of your head coach and GM last week by first tweeting to some players that you were hanging 'em up, that was also for your teammates then too, right? Like, maybe getting the team to pay you more money would translate indirectly to higher salaries for all of your teammates? Or was it that after paying you that extra money, you've been planning all along to distribute the wealth among your offensive linemen behind the scenes?

Oh, and while we're doing all this great stuff for our teammates, I guess ditching out on training camp for what, the fourth consecutive season, that was to help your teammates too, right? Make them more independent, teach them how to win games without any real player leading the offense? Help the defense learn to take over games when they know Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels is just waiting on the sidelines to give the ball right back to the bad guys?

The fact that Favre retired two weeks ago and now this is basically comical. Two years ago it was a selfish, dick move and totally self-centered. Last year it was pretty much unbelievable given Favre's recent previous history with his time in the league. This year? It has to be being done on purpose. I mean, the guy went and did that electronics commercial where he can't make a decision about buying a tv. And even though every single person in America with two neurons to rub together between their ears has known since the moment Favre ruined the Vikings' 2009-2010 campaign with the late pick while in range to tie the game with a field goal with under two minutes to go in the NFC Championship that Favre would surely be returning for another season with the Vikes in 2010-2011, Favre still went and tweeted about retiring not two weeks ago. Then he got another 4 mil plus incentives, and now he's back just like that.

Oh, and last year the escort he required was from head coach Brad Childress to leave practice and come to pick Favre up at the airport. This year? Three teammates left practice for two days and flew down to Favre's home in Mississippi, stayed overnight, and only then did Favre agree to return to Minnesota with them to plan out how he is going to play again this year. So I guess it's not enough that he misses practice, but he also needs to make his coaches and teammates miss practice as well.

Anything to be the center of attention. Anything to get the talking heads at ESPN waxing poetic again about the man, the myth, the legend (all in his own mind).

Is there anybody in America (ok, outside the state of Minnesota) who is not actively rooting for this guy to get injured and miss many games early in the 2010 season?

Just make sure you realllllly take in and appreciate every single game Favre plays this year, because he has already made it known that this will be his final year in the NFL.

Uh huh.

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Blogger Tilt said...

Wow at the hate lol. You going to have pointspread picks during the season?

5:41 AM  
Blogger VinNay said...

Next year he is going to just ask the team to move to Mississippi and see if the NFL will allow them to play games in his yard.

6:04 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah, I will do some fun NFL stuff just like last year. I am already prepping my preseason picks post(s). Gotta focus this year on going with my gut instead of the prognosticators, who utterly embarrassed themselves in the preseason last year just like they do every year with their overall picks. But yeah, I am sure there will be weekly NFL picks that I'll mostly play on Bodog during the season.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Bayne_S said...

How Snickers went with Aretha Franklin and Liza Minneli in their 'diva commercial' rather than Favre completely escapes me

12:58 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Favre probably demanded 4 million from Snickers for the commercial, plus another 4 mil in incentives.

1:58 AM  

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