Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time to Turn it Around

Donkey Island continues tonight with the Dank at 10pm ET on full tilt -- password is "vegas1" as always. And tonight is the time for Team Fish to turn it around. We need some strong performances in the Dank tonight, almost as much for our own self-confidence as for our success during the remainder of Team Play. Hopefully if nothing else, everyone shows up for the first time out of the four tournaments so far in the series, giving our team our best possible shot at outlasting the Donkeys for just the second time during Survivor Poker's run so far.

One aspect I really enjoy about Goat and Buddy's creation here is that even those who are not directly involved in the battle over Donkey Island this time around can still participate freely in the games, and can even have a meaningful say in the outcome. Anyone out there with $11 in their full tilt account, the password "vegas1", and a desire to get kicked squarely in the nads can show up to play the Dank on Wednesday night at 10pm ET. It's been great seeing some of the guys these past few weeks coming out to play and try to take their shots at the surviving Donkey Islanders in addition to the first prize in the tournaments themselves.

Hopefully you'll be there for Wednesday night's Dank tournament at 10pm. I'll be expecting an all-Fish final table.

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Blogger Josie said...

Final table full of Fish. I will be there!

9:21 PM  

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