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Effed Early and Late in Monday MTTs, and MATH Recap

Despite winning another buyin at the 6max cash tables overall on the night, it was a sick, sick night of poker for me overall that saw me make exactly zero suckouts against anyone over 4 hours of multitabling, while 2 vicious suckouts against me combined with one mega setup hand to really phuck me and phuck me hard out of my mtt action on the night. And given the stakes involved, it was one of those very rare (for me) nights where when I woke up in the morning, I was still just about as sick as I had been the night before. I hate when that happens, when the very first thing that pops into my head when I first wake up is "Did that suckout really happen to me? Did it have to be in that spot?" That's me here on Tuesday morning, and I don't exactly know when the gross feeling is going to go away.

After a nice couple of sessions at the cash tables, where I finally have my pokertracker working again after a quick email to support (thanks Gnome for the suggestion), I began the latest Mondays at the Hoy tournament with high hopes, as I've been playing well in mtts again lately after a month of poor results in that arena. I couldn't have played more than five or ten minutes before I limped from the blinds to see a 4-way flop with K♣5♣. The flop comes all clubs. Soy delicious.

Because I'm a man, I manage to get thepokergrind to call my allin reraise on this flop, which you would think would thrill me. But no, I've written here many times before about how I am somehow well into the negative over time with made two-card flushes in holdem, and how I am quite sure it is not because I overplay these things. Well, I figure he's obviously got the Ace♣, and/or a set and is going to boat up on me, I know it's going to happen. So it was almost a relief when he flips up....Ax sooted in clubs! Flopflush King-high into flopflush Ace-high. That is rich you muggafuggas, really rich. Well I'll just add that one to the everlovingly huge tab that the giant flush up in the sky owes to me and will have to begin paying back to me someday. Flopping a flush is supposed to be a fucking pot of gold, but somehow for me it's a spitoon full of coal. So phuck you flushes. I hope you get AIDS and die. Please.

In the end, all-around good guy Bayne squeaked into 4th place and the money in the MATH by showing tremendous patience as the short stack on the bubble, adding $95.04 to his current lead atop the 2007 MATH moneyboard. Coming in 3rd place on the week was Kajagugu, who won $142.56 in his first cash of the year after losing a 20k+ stack pretty quick after Bayne busted in 4th place. Thepokergrind managed to make good use of the chips he was gifted from me in the earlygoing, busting out with a 2nd place finish and $198 won for his best MATH performance of the year in what I know from his blog has been a focus for his play of late. And winning this week's Mondays at the Hoy title, along with $356.40 of cold hard cash contributed to by the 33 donkeys runners, was everyone's favorite poker shock jock, BuddyDank himself! I could not listen to the radio show last night with Hammer Wife asleep right next to me, but I'm sure Buddy was on fire and loving life as he powered his way through a tough and larger-than-normal field for the victory.

So here is your updated 2007 MATH moneyboard, including this week's action:

1. Bayne_s $1270
2. Columbo $1168
3. Hoyazo $1162
4. RaisingCayne $1110
5. Pirate Wes $792
6. VinNay $775
7. cmitch $774
8. Iggy $745
9. NewinNov $677
10. Lucko21 $665
11. Waffles $650
12. IslandBum1 $642
13. Astin $616
14. Fuel55 $568
15. Tripjax $561
16. Buddydank $553
17. Byron $510
18. Julius Goat $507
19. bartonf $492
19. mtnrider81 $492
21. PokerBrian322 $490
22. Chad $485
23. scots_chris $474
24. Emptyman $461
25. Mike_Maloney $456
26. RecessRampage $434
27. Otis $429
28. Surflexus $402
28. Miami Don $402
30. jeciimd $382
30. Jordan $382
32. Blinders $379
33. lightning36 $371
34. ChapelncHill $353
35. Zeem $330
36. LJ $326
37. OMGitsPokerFool $324
38. oossuuu754 $312
39. leftylu $295
40. Wigginx $288
41. ScottMc $282
42. Fishy McDonk $277
43. Irongirl $252
43. Manik79 $252
45. Wippy1313 $248
46. swimmom95 $245
47. wwonka69 $216
48. Omega_man_99 $210
49. katiemother $209
50. Pushmonkey72 $208
51. Thepokergrind $198
52. Gary Cox 194
53. 23Skidoo $176
54. Santa Clauss $170
55. jimdniacc $166
56. Iakaris $162
56. Smokkee $162
58. cemfredmd $156
58. NumbBono $156
60. lester000 $147
61. Heffmike $145
62. Kajagugu $143
62. brdweb $143
64. Mookie $137
64. DDionysus $137
66. Patchmaster $135
67. InstantTragedy $129
68. Ganton516 $114
69. Fluxer $110
70. hoops15mt $95
71. Gracie $94
71. Scurvydog $94
73. wormmsu $91
74. Shag0103 $84
75. crazdgamer $82
76. PhinCity $80
77. maf212 $78
78. Alceste $71
78. dbirider $71
80. Easycure $67
81. Rake Feeder $53

So Bayne adds to his lead and becomes the first member of the $1200 club in the MATH this year, while Buddydank soars up into the top 20 with his $356 and change won this week, while Kaja and thepokergrind both break into the moneyboard for the first time as the fourth and final quarter of the year begins.

And now we can move on to the real reason I am still feeling sick this morning: the Monday 1k. I mentioned here in Monday's post that I had satellited in to the Monday 1k buyin mtt with a 150k guarantee over the weekend with one of those tier II tokens that I love to win in the nightly 9:45pm ET token frenzy on full tilt. 259 runners showed up, contributing a lofty 259k prize pool to be paid out to the top 27 finishers. I got no cards at first (what else is new) but ran some huge bluffs in what I thought were good spots to get off to about a 50% bump from the 3000 chip starting stacks around the end of the first hour. Just before the break I played a very interesting hand , which I'm going to profile in a moment because the pussy vagina who was involved with me ending up stalking me for several hours in the chat and being abusive about the way I played, and I'd like to get your thoughts. Basically, I had an up and down 2nd and 3rd hours, where my stack vacillated from around 10k at most to around 3k at the least, but I never gave up and I never made one of those oh-so-tempting awfuckit calls, but I did manage to win one big race near the end of the third hour when I called an allin with AKo preflop and nailed a King on the flop to stay alive. I also endured one uberlame suckout where I had my opponent dominated allin preflop for all his chips, but he four-flushed me. Another flucking fush, what can ya do. Unfortunately my night ended early into hour 4, just 6 spots from the payout positions, when I reraised my opponent allin preflop when I held JJ, and he called quickly with AKo, the same thing I had benefitted from doing earlier in the evening. In the end, he won the race as a roughly 48% underdog going in, but that doesn't begin to describe the scene. Once he and I were allin preflop, the flop came down J42 rainbow, giving me the literal nuts with top set on a board with no discernible draws, and I was stylin'. I was going to be top 10 in chips with 33 players remaining and 27 spots paying out a minimum of $1500. Yeah baybeeeee.

Turn Queen.

River Ten.

IGH 33rd place of 259 runners with 27 spots in the money.

Now if that ain't some sick shiat, I don't know what is. In the end I can't get too crazy about it because I was just a 52% favorite preflop when the money went in, but to have it happen in that order and give me the nut flop with no draws whatsoever, that one fucking stings me, even the next morning I have to say. Basically, my opponent needed to make one of four outs on the turn and one of four outs on the river to beat me at that point, as there was no way other than the runner runner straight for my opponent to catch up to my nut flop. Even running Aces, Kings or AK at that point wasn't going to win it for him. But that's the way it happens I guess. So I go 3 1/2 hours into this thing and play great with not much to work with and then get donked by a runner runner 0.6% chance on the flop to lose just short of the money. Ouch.

OK and now the hand I wanted to profile from earlier in the tournament. As I said I received one of my worst and longest-lasting beratings ever after this hand by the pussass I played the hand with, and I would like to get your thoughts on the way the hand played out.

Blinds are 30-60, and I'm in the hijack where it's folded around to me. I have QJs. I like to raise here and try to take down the blinds, and I know if someone calls I have a good hand to do some damage with regardless of what my opponent has. I kick it up to 180 chips. Vegan213, the bfp of the tournament (Biggest Fucking Pussy), reraised me to 540 chips from the cutoff. Vegan had been a stealy guy at this table for a while, and to be honest I put him on a steal and figured with big soooted connectors I had a good hand to see a flop with and hope to hit something big. This is admittedly not a strong move on my part and it's not something I do very often, but as I've discussed here previously I find myself calling preflop raises in situations like this more and more as I get more and more comfortable with my postflop play and in knowing that I can lay this hand down unless I flop strong to it, which means something better than TPTK or at least a draw to something strong.

The flop comes AT4 with two hearts, giving me the flush draw and the inside straight draw, and I figured with pussyshit's preflop reraise he very likely had an Ace in his hand, one that based on his play he would want to push strongly. With at least 12 outs to an almost surely winning hand, I figured this guy will surely bet out nearly the size of the pot on the flop with what I figure is a big Ace, and then I can raise him allin and make him lay this down if he is anything but a TPTK monkey. I checked to him, and he bet out 825 chips like a good little puppy dog:

Following my plan all along, and knowing I had at least 12 outs to the almost surely winning hand, I reraised allin on this flop, almost indifferent between him calling and folding. With 12 outs more or less assured, I figured I'm looking at more than 40% equity in this pot, and maybe more depending on what exactly my opponent has, but either way I'm figuring this guy for having a solid top pair hand. I guess it's better that he folds since I'm not quite 50% equity with my two-way draw, but in the end I figured if he's not a donk he has to lay down any non-two-pair hand to my allin reraise for his and my entire stack here.

Vagina Man instacalls my allin bet, and flips up his AKo. Bingo! Top pair top kicker donkey to the rescue! I love these guys. TPTK donkeys have probably made me more money over my poker lifetime than any other type of player out there. I mean, it's one thing to be the guy making a big raise and creating pressure by putting your opponent to a decision for all their chips, but to call off your entire stack on a huge overraise allin for about 3 times the current pot, with just TPTK, is...well...you guys tell me what it is.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the hand, because the turn card brought me the sweet victory:

and this assclown Vegan213 proceeded started laying in to me on the chat. These are the guys that I really make my money on, both at tournament and cash tables -- the guys who not only are TPTK donkeys, but who live in denial and refuse to open their minds to the possibility of ever getting better. When you're instacalling a huge overbet for your entire stack with just TPTK, I say you need to check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. But maybe it's just me. Am I way off base here? I read this guy like a book, I got him to bet out and commit himself on the flop and then I moved in the rest of my chips in a spot where he has to fold. Instead he called, and lost, and berated me horrendously, for several hours. Literally. At like 1am ET, when I finally got donkeyfucked by the roughly 140-to-1 runner-runner straight against my JJ on the J42 flop, suddenly there was Vegan213 to type in "hahahahahah". I love it.

So this guy literally stayed awake for four fucking hours after I busted his ass after what I view as a donkey instacall by him. He stays up until after 1am, watching every single hand I play, just hoping, waiting, praying for me to bust out somehow. Then I get donked by a less than 1-outer, and he is suddenly right there, four hours after my hand with him, laughing at me in the chat. Wow. Which leads me to one opinion about Vegan213 that I just can't escape no matter how hard I try:

Vegan213 has a small penis.

I just don't know what else leads to the kind of feelings of inadequacy that poker obviously stirs up in this individual. Did I really play this hand so poorly? Did he really play it so well?

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Blogger Astin said...

I really should stop with the first posts.

First - you had an inside straight draw and flush draw. The only OESD you had was runner-runner 89. But you know this since you said you have 12 outs and not 15.

The only issue I can see someone having with your play is the pre-flop call. Even then, your read was more-or-less correct, and obviously a "get the hell out" raise that would be done with something weak like AK. Calling your all-in on the flop that early was a donk move on his part.

I imagine he also rails on people who eat meat and don't agree with his granola-eating ways.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Logan said...

What a brutal way to bust, especially given the stage of the tourney and the purse. As far as your play on the other hand, I'm okay with your initial raise and post-flop play. I would not have called his preflop reraise however. Too speculative for my taste. You needed almost a perfect flop to be able to get it all-in on a hand that you're still not a favorite in. But it paid off for you. I busted in ugly fashion as well in 23rd place, when I raised 3xBB UTG w/ AA, got called by a MP player w/ JK off and had a nice flop of AQT. Sigh. Nothing like yours, but ugly nonetheless.

12:07 AM  
Blogger lj said...

i am laughing out loud at small penis line.

i think your play on the QJ hand is one of those speculative hands early in the tournament where you could easily lose that and be out early, but if you nail it you double up and put a dude on tilt.

i agree w/ others on pf call being tough, especially given that not a lot of people will lay down TPTK that point in a tournament, especially w/ flush potential on board they want you to pay to draw.

i see your point based on position of trying to pick up blinds there, and you reading player, and it worked out. you knew how many outs you had, you put him on a hand, and you were willing to take that risk.

i hate the K high flush v. A high flush. and that last hand in the 1k was painful to watch. way to take it like a man.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Only question I have is that is Vegan really a donk for calling off his chips with TPTK or did he put you on a flush draw because A LOT of people like to shove/overbet with draws? Of course, that doesn't justify him being an idiot but I'm just wondering if him instacalling was all that bad of a move. Maybe instacalling is. But again, even in the cash tables, you see that a lot. People shoving with draws. IMO, at the cash tables, I can tell who a tourney player is vs a cash player based on people who tend to overbet/shove drawing hands.

12:54 AM  
Blogger jusdealem said...

He stalked you for four hours waiting for the chance to hahaha in the chat?? Wow. The inability to let go of TPTK is not this dude's only issue...That's just psychotic.

1:07 AM  
Blogger smokkee said...

i really don't like the pf call in the QJ hand. unless he's a total donk, i don't think he's making a move without a premium hand that early in a $1k buy-in MTT. i've seen worse tho. still i'm not calling that pf raise in that spot.

i'm surprised to see you check the flop after calling such a huge reraise preflop. if your plan is to push to aggression, seems like you would lead out with a bet that might induce a TPTK donk to come over the top. bet out a little over half the pot. a player without an Ace might let it go. all you have is a draw, which is only a coin flip in this spot anyway. personally, i don't think i'd wanna race off my whole stack that early in the 1k on a coin flip. but, you were in on almost a freeroll. so, that's probably why you gamboooled.

the way you finally busted out was gross.

1:11 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Weird that he stalked you so hard, but he has had some success:


1:20 AM  
Blogger surflexus said...

I watched about 95% of your table in the 1k last night. First off, I want to commend you for playing very well. That beat at the end is one of the sickest I have seen in a while.
One thing you didn't mention was how your all-ins got called three times and your opponents made tough (and in my opinion mostly bad) calls and held the exact same hand as you all three times. The oddest of these was the call by Kidd when you both held I believe AK and had entirely missed the board.

1:21 AM  
Blogger L'artiste said...

I don't get it, he had the best hand when all the money went in, no? How is that a mistake?

You pre-flop was a bit iffy but other than that, both played the hand well.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Shrike said...

Hoy, I remember your bustout hand vividly. I flopped bottom two pair and overbet the pot, which led to you and your friend with Ax of clubs to both go all-in after me.

Of course, I would have boated up on the river, but there's no way I can stand that much pressure on the flop.

1:39 AM  
Blogger RaisingCayne said...

I was railing you all the way through the $1k last night, good game! And I did watch the hand you mention, and found it funny that villain called you an "effing idiot" right away. I didn't realize the schmuck followed you around. That $1k buyin was OBVIOUSLY WAY above his bankroll for him to be so incredibly annoyed by the beat. And you didn't play it all too wrong, as I would've expected MOST TPTK's to make a laydown in that spot as well. Good game Hoy!!! Sorry for the sick way to lose out!!!

I was bitter to see Bayne increase his lead on the MATH leaderboard... especially after having his short stack all in with K8o vs. my AJsuited just to get beat!

Next week... next week...

1:43 AM  
Blogger AlCantHang said...

Congrats on getting all of your chips in as a 60/40 dog, hitting, and calling the other guy a donkey.

1:47 AM  
Blogger change100 said...

I'm with Al. How exactly was this guy an uber-donk seeing as he was ahead the whole way and you made a very questionable, at least for me, pre-flop call of his very reasonable re-raise?

Yeah he's immature and probably has a small penis as you think, and is probably a young, poor twentysomething who had likely satellited into a big tourney above his roll and saw his chances at a big score go poof for the bizillionth time. I know that feeling and have been on his end of it as an even bigger favorite more times than I can count.

Now the way you went out of the 1K... that's how I usually run. Eeeew.

1:59 AM  
Blogger ScurvyDog said...

I don't think your play in the hand with Small Penis Guy is that bad, but you realize that your rant could have easily gone the opposite way if the roles were reversed, right?

If you held his hand and played it exactly as he did pre-flop and on the flop, you'd be berating overaggressive donkeys that call re-raises too much pre-flop with speculative hands, play their flush draws as a dog too hard when they do materialize, patting yourself on the back for a spot-on read and call of their overbet on the flop, and bemoaning your bad luck when, once again, your better hand didn't hold up.

That bustout hand in the $1K is pretty brutal. Condolences.

2:00 AM  
Blogger bayne_s said...

If I am holding AhKh and lose I am furious and will berate you in my blog.

I will have to look back at previous Hoy posts as I believe I have been labeled a calling station for calling a button raise with QJs.

To quote former blogger KOD: "You paid your entry fee, you can play your cards however you want"

2:05 AM  
Blogger Julius_Goat said...

The runner-runner straight beat is the one that I hate the most. It's actually tagged me a couple times in the past few months, both in key spots.

Questionable play preflop, but defensible if fairly gamble-y.

Following you to nega-rail? Priceless. That would actually help get me OUT of tilt a little. But just a little.

2:14 AM  
Blogger lucko said...

LOL @ "Vegan213 has a small penis."

Great puchline, great post.

Shitty ending, but very well played.

3:17 AM  
Blogger Blinders said...

I love how you played the hand post flop. I also like the raise preflop, but I am probably releasing to the reraise preflop. It is way to early in the MTT to get 15+% of your stack in preflop on a very speculative hand like QJs. You are also just calling the raise so donk-boy will be firing on the flop no matter what, and you will be left in a very a tough position, unless you hit a monster on the flop (like you did), but you were not priced in for that flop at all.

5:58 AM  
Blogger Dillo said...

Vegan - Understandable preflop raise, which I wouldn't've called with QJ.

Jam post flop by you screamed 'drawing to a monster' and he shouldn't have called. It's a loose sorta shove, but that's just not the way I play unless short. He should've picked a better spot.

Nice run tho all in all.

Footnote - runner runner str8s suck ballz.

9:46 AM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

I didn't like the calling of the big pre-flop re-raise at that point of the tournament. Seems to me you would really have to hit the perfect flop.

As for waiting for you to bust out ... what a loser. I don't blame the guy for getting pissed and tossing some crap your way, but geez, taking some beats is part of the game.

My retort to the brain damaged vengeful donks: "Go home, little girl..."

10:33 PM  
Blogger Zachary said...

"I don't think your play in the hand with Small Penis Guy is that bad, but you realize that your rant could have easily gone the opposite way if the roles were reversed, right?"

I don't care for the preflop call, don't necessarily mind the check-shove on that flop, but I'm not necessarily prepared to label the guy an idiot for his call.

For his rant, though, definitely an idiot.

10:34 PM  
Blogger iamhoff said...

I've had those K-high vs A-high flushes (both sides), and it def. sucks to flop the 2nd nuts only to be nuked by the one fonkey playing the ace. Fugly, man.

On Small Penis Player: Astin and others have it right...the only question he could possibly make is your preflop move, and based on your read you did it right. Not that he'll ever know that. There's a rule (Harrington, Gordon, or one of them wrote it) that I try to live by (fail more than I'd like, but try to live by), and that's "Don't go broke with one pair. TPTK is gold to so many people out there, especially if there's only a draw on the table. And in that sense, his call isn't necessarily a full-on fonkey move. You did the "book" PF raise for a solid hand (JJ+, AK, AQ), and you called his PF reraise, so he has to put you on something decent, but likely not AA. So with flush and straight draws AND you checking the flop, I can seen him thinking his aces are good and instacalling, hoping neither of your draws hit. Stupid optimism on his part, but you can see it. To stalk you for four hours afterward, just to have a chance to flame you in the girlie chat is just pathetic. Maybe certain small-penised individuals shouldn't be playing at such elevated limits.

12:56 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

just being a devils advocate, advocate...but did he comment every couple of minutes over that four hour period...?

often times i'll watch someone intermittantly...over the course of the night...doesnt mean i'm there 100% of the time...

nice story, tho

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah AK (TPTK on the flop) in a tournament... what a garbage hand -- you would fold that Hoy

5:44 PM  

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