Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mookie Curse, Dookie Domination, WTF Else is New

Wow. I feel like a donkey's ass this morning. There's really nothing like starting drinking at 8pm, being sloppy by 10, winning a bunch of money playing drunkass mofo poker and staying up until 3am on a work night just to win $69 in a limit poker donkfest, hammered off your ass. In total, thanks to my older daugher M coming into our room at 3:40am to have her fucking toenail filed with the emery board, my total sleep for the night tallies to 2 hours and 25 minutes. That is sweeeeeet right there. But I have to say, getting my drink on to the stylings of Buddy Dank Radio for several hours is a great way to spend an evening at home alone. I was asking some people on the girly chat last night, but seriously now, what the fuck did we used to do during these blonkaments before BDR came along? That shit is the funniest and funnest thing around, bar none. If you aren't listening to the BDR broadcasts for every week's Mookie tournament, you are a phucking buffoon, that's just all there is to it.

Anyways, for those of you still wondering if I am cursed in the Mookie, I offer you this brief screen movie:

I could not make this stuff up if I tried. I was so far gone by the end of the first hour of the Mook that I had to log in this morning and review the screenshots just to make sure this actually happened. But it appears to be real. What the fluck. Seriously. I mean, isn't one Jack on the flop enough to make the point? Of course I got the usual from the guy who laid this beat on me, that he put me on a steal, yadda yadda yadda. Not his fault of course. It just gets fucking older and older sitting here every Thursday morning reading once again about how I want that call every day of the week and thrice on Sunday, and how it's the full tilt server that I'm so angry with and not any player at the table, doesn't it? Well you know what? I don't want that call anymore. Not last night, not tonight, not ever. Not in the Mookie, not in the FTOPS Main Event, and not in anything. When I'm crushingly ahead of someone at the table, in particular in the Mookie, I don't want you betting all your money at me with just two outs. Why? Because you're not going to flop one of your outs. You're going to flop both of them. Eff you, full tilt. Cursed in the Mookie? You decide.

And btw big congratulations out to Alan who took down a much-deserved Mookie win this week and won his way into the BBTwo Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions freeroll coming up in less than a month now. Alan played a dominatory game, and he even overcame not one but two effing pocket Aces for his frigging heads-up opponent at the end last night in sellthekids. How that all happens is beyond me, but not only did the same player get dealt AA when down to heads-up two hands in a fracking row, but somehow that player still didn't win the whole thing. Craziness at that final table I tell you. But go see Alan's blog and tell him he kicks ass. He earned that shit this week and earned it good, and he's going to be a force to be reckoned with in the ToC.

Anyways, despite the shizziness that is the Mookie for me every single week, I did at least win another token frenzy for the first time in a few weeks, which will always come in useful for a satellite guy like me.

And then there's always this:

This is my second Dookie win in HA (PLH and PLO in alternating 10-minute sessions, just don't ask why the symbol for this is "HA" because I can't help you there) and my third Dookie win of the year. I think in fact there have only been two HA Dookie's that I can recall, and I won 'em both. So there. And I beat Drizz, without a doubt one of the finest multigame players there is, in a marathon battle that lasted until after 3am ET. Why I fought so hard to win $69 and change in this thing will forever remain a mystery, but I know I was having fun so I guess that's it. Frankly, as I told drizz at the final table last night, this thing turned into the Captain Morgan's bowl as far as I was concerned, as I think that was the only thing keeping either of us going as late as we did in the Dook. Hopefully drizz had as much fun playing it as I did. Frankly what it came down to was that we each had a ghey suckout on the other during our long heads-up battle with fairly high M's all things considered, with his suckout happening about halfway through our probably 30-minute heads-up play and mine happening on the very last hand of the tournament. But in the end, I think drizz was just not nearly aggro enough, as I won a ton of pots with nothing by just raising or reraising preflop, and especially by betting on the flop when it came raggy and/or he showed weakness, and for whatever reason drizz never pushed back. This is what gave me the chips to withstand his earlier suckout, and frankly what enabled me to be in a position to hit my own 16-outer on the river, as I had top pair, an inside straight draw and a Queen-high flush draw while drizz held 2nd and 3rd pairs plus a 6-high flush draw in the same suit:

So in the end I took it down:

All this, combined with three sng cashes on the night helped me to have a very profitable night of drunken poker. Again I have to give mad propz out to Buddydank and to KOD for doing an absolutely kickass job on the radio all through the night. For me it is awesome having a tell-it-like-it-is guy with tons of poker knowledge like Chad on the air as these tournaments get down to the final table, plus frankly I could sit and listen to Chad being frustrated at the play he sees all day and never get tired of it. It was a blast and you guys as a group were the perfect buddies to sit and get wasted and whittle away the evening with, so thanks to everyone who came out and played in the Mook last night. What say we do it tonight again for Riverchasers, 9pm ET on full tilt, password as always is "riverchasers". I might be a little late if my father in law wants to hang out for some dinner this evening, but I'll be around at some point so I will definitely see you then.

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Blogger Drizztdj said...

If you saw the junk I had to raise/call with you'd be amazed. Calling your re-raises with J3o pre-flop probably isn't optimal poker ;)

I think I saw one ace and no pairs the entire HU match, well done sir you played great!

2:47 AM  
Blogger jamyhawk said...

Congrats on the Dookie! I've heard that you can break the Mookie curse by winning 3 Dookies.... Just a rumor though.

5:20 AM  
Blogger Dr Zen said...

The only way the KK/JJ hand could have been funnier is if you had turned a K.

11:27 AM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

Why do people make the call?

1) Examine the title of your blog
2) Count how many times you write about stealing blinds
3) Look at the tasty rants when you get brutalized

Just my perspective ...

10:12 PM  

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