Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Favre: The Return III

So, in some bizzaro form of year-after-year deja vu, word is out that former Packers and Jets quarterback Brett Favre is meeting on Wednesday evening with Vikings coach Brad Childress about a possible comeback next season. Now, obviously in my view it is anyone's right to play professional sports for as long as he or she damn well pleases, I think that is quite clear in objective terms. And I think Favre is smoking rock if he honestly believes the Vikings have genuine superbowl aspirtations with him at the helm in 2009-2010. But I don't begrudge him his right to come back and play and try to show the world that 2009 was just a fluke caused by his injured arm and not the level of Favre's actual skill at this point in his career.

But it's the lying that I just can't fucking stand.

I heard Chris Mortensen today describing Brett Favre admiringly as being guilty of "flip-flopping" with regards to whether or not he wants to continue playing in the NFL. But you know what? Within the past week, Favre's agent Bus Cook requested his formal release from the New York Jets, the second time Favre has made such request since the end of the 2008-2009 season, and when pressed Cook only gave the reason of possibly signing a one-day contract with his former team since apparently Brett Favre "wanted to retire a Packer." Now it's been what, three days since his release, and here he is meeting with the Vikings head coach about coming back to play?

That's not a flip flop, Mort. That's what we call a lie.

Minnesota, I hope enjoy your season with Brett, in all his greatness. And to Chris Mortensen, Peter King, John Madden and all the other Favre lovers out there, open your fucking eyes. You can love the guy if you wanna, but stop acting like Brett hasn't made an annual habit of telling whatever lies and shooting whatever angles he can to get himself where he wants to be playing that year. This guy is about as Machiavellian as it gets.

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Blogger columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

But it is pretty standard to request that release if the player intends to "retire" on the roster of his former team.

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