Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mookie Crash n Burn

Last night I had my earliest exit yet from any BBT4 event,as I was the 5th one out in the Mookie. Although it does feel comfortable knowing that my luck in the Mookie has returned to its normal self, I had a pretty gheyass run if I don't say so myself. The hand that tilted me out of this thing happened just 5 minutes in, when I called from late position and saw a 6-way flop with my pocket 2s***. Obviously, just looking to set mine with this shittiest of pocket pairs, or I'm not gonna play any further.

Well, the flop comes down A82. At first I am psyched, as I just flopped my first set since the first Bush was president, but soon I realized that the flop had also come all-suited in clubs. Not good. Now my set is either already behind in this 6-handed pot, or at least it's threatened by several draws to the flush (I had no clubs in my hand). The action checks around to me, and I bet out around 2/3 of the pot, knowing of course that I'm going to get instacalled by the lone Ace♣ and the lone King♣ and probably some other garbage as well. I get called I think in three places. Oh goody. Then the turn brings an offsuit 9. A player in middle position this time bets out a reasonably small bet, too big to be a blocking bet, but too small to be a bluff. The size of the bet told me this was some kind of a big hand. Better than my set of 2s? Possibly.

Before I can figure how to react to this bet, the player just before me raises, and a minimum raise at that. Now, the flop had three clubs, a guy check-called and then led out smallish on the turn, and you're min-raising here? Shit, that's too obvious to even have been a flopped flush, so right away the bells started ringing that this was a set. I didn't think he had played the flop as if he had made a set, but in the end it didn't matter which card on the board matched the pocket pair this second guy had, because my set of 2s was behind it. Wayyyyyy behind. To think that I seem to flop sets about 1 time for every 25 pocket pairs I take to the flop, and now here I am about to get flush-over-set-over-setted, I was just furious. I think I committed a bit of a poker faux pas by typing into the chat what both of the other players had (set and a flush) before the original flop bettor had decided what to do with the raise, and for that I apologize (not that it mattered in the outcome of the hand).

End result? The original flop bettor called, eventually showing 99 for the turned set, which lost to the flop raiser's flopped flush. I flop a set five minutes in to the Mookie, and I'm already in second place on the flop, slipping to third on the turn. So ghey. The fact that I managed to lose only 500 chips on the hand should have made me happy, but of course it just tilted me like crazy instead. I shot off a few tilty IMs to the guys on the girly who I know always appreciate it the most, and then three hands later I picked up QQ and saw a flop heads-up against a guy who had limped and then called my raise preflop. The flop came K54. With two Queens in my hand, the odds of him having KQs there are low. AK of course was a possibility, but he had just limped originally before the flop, which is not normally consistent with AK, so in the end I decided to take my short stack and ram it down this guy's throat. Of course he instacalled with AK and IGH, just like that.

I heard this morning that Tuscaloosa Johnny won the Mook again in the end on Wednesday night. Shit, that guy is embarrassing us all in the BBT4, just like he did in the BBT3.

***Obviously the details of this hand are completely made up.

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Blogger Riggstad said...

The set of 9's actually rivered a boat to win the hand.

It is as ghey as they come no doubt.

I insta-tilted after reading some shit in the table chat box.

I stated I would shove every single hand I wanted to play. I tripled up to like 7900.

I get AA's in the BB. Someone insta-shoves AQ utg with a 6k stack.

I call. Turn Q river Q. I seriously don't know if I will ever play another blogger tourney again with the intent to compete.

The hypocrisy is starting to eat at me.

11:06 PM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah, I knew there would be a boat made there as surely as I knew one of those two guys had a higher set than mine. Rather than stick around to get stacked boat over boat, I chose to equally ghey option of folding and then tilting out 2 hands later.

Good times, that Mookie. Does anyone good ever win that thing?

1:05 AM  
Blogger 4dbirds said...

I won the Mookie once so no, nobody good ever wins it.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Shrike said...

I'm with Riggs on that one. AA outflopped by AK, okay, I can deal with it. But then running KK into AA ... screw you FTP random number generator.


5:52 AM  
Blogger Schaubs said...

You must have played some other hands because 3000-500 equals 2500, which doesn't seem so short stacked to me at that point in the game...?


The doom switch is back on.

10:14 PM  

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