Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lost in Kate

Kind of a boring second episode of Lost on Tuesday night. Not necessarily a bad one per se, but much less exhilarating than the season premiere last week which really was one of the best Lost episodes in years.

In short, this was another Kate-centric episode, and like almost every other Kate-centric viewpoint we got, it was very frustrating for the audience. After all the idiot things Kate has done, be it in flashbacks, flash forwards, or real-time on the island, and all the idiot reactions we have seen others have to her, this week's episode has got to take the cake. Sure she dumped all over Jack 85 times and he still wants her back. Sure they have made a mockery of the "air marshall" escorting her on Flight 815 as she has now escaped from him what, three separate times, all in pretty ludicrous fashion. But don't try to tell me you were not laughing -- and I don't mean laughing in a Chris Rock kind of way, but more of a Heroes kind of way, if you get me -- when Kate proceeded to cut the taxi line at LAX, try to steal Claire's cab, hijack the taxi driver at gunpoint, threaten Claire with physical harm if she tried to leave the cab, clearly elude law enforcement trying to stop the cab, and then eventually take over driving the cab, still brandishing the gun, and then essentially kick pregnant Claire out of the cab, without her stuff, her money, anything, and then after all those fun things, Claire accepted a ride from Kate to Brentwood to visit someone she had never seen before. Then upon arriving at Brentwood, she even asked Kate to accompany her into the house! Because, you know, whenever I meet a stranger for the first time, I always look to find some kind of mass murderer / carjacker escapee from the Law -- who just recently waved a pistol in my face and tried to carjack me in fact -- to come with me. You know, just in case.

What a joke. Before you know it, Claire has invited murderer Kate into the hospital room with her, then unsolicited Claire is lying for Kate to the cops, and even offering up her credit card for Kate to just use willy nilly as she goes back on the lam. Oh and of course let's not forget Kate's insinuation that she was innocent to Claire. Innocent? Are we still carrying on about that? Did Kate not burn her mother's house to the ground, with her father in it? Did Kate not screw her fiance over, kill cops and rob a bank among various other infractions along the way? Has she not pulled guns on about 15 or 20 occasions on various members in and out of law enforcement? She's about as innocent as Waffles is heterosexual.

And as an aside, could there be two worse, less diligent policemen and women anywhere on the planet than these two clowns who came to question Claire about Kate's whereabouts? What kind of an interview was that? Kate was last seen in the hospital, with Claire in her room in fact, and these two geniuses don't even attempt to look around the room she was last seen in? I mean, I know the door said "Authorized Personnel Only", but is it really that easy to hide from the cops when you re -- you know -- an escaped murderer an carjacker? Gosh. Imagine if she had hidden in the room with the "Janitor" sign on it -- she coulda basically moved in, they would have never ever looked for her in there!

What a joke. Anyways yeah, every time Kate is on an episode, that show pretty much sucks it up big time, and this one was no exception. Putting all the annoying Kate stuff aside, there was a little bit of new information but really not much from the Temple scenes, mostly because no matter what you read out there on the various Lost blogs we all know you love to read, we have no idea whether we can trust Dogan and Weird Al Yankovic and that new crew. They could be bad guys, they could be good guys who think the Losties are bad guys. They might think Sayid is doing better and are trying to hurt him with the green pill, or they might honestly want to kill his "infection" and be trying to help him. I thought they pulled off the scene well where Jack ate the pill and Dogan flipped out on him and Heimliched it out onto the ground, but otherwise this episode was light on the "reveal" front and really gave us very little new information to work with.

Three episodes down, 13 more to go until we'll know absolutely everything about this mysterious island and its inhabitants. Yeah right.

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Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Kate didn't blow up her father, at least not in this timeline. They released a video at Comic-Con about how Kate blew up the house and accidentally killed her father's assistant. And technically we don't know if she did any of that other stuff anyways.

Not that any of that matters, Claire didn't know she was a murderer. Not that I disagree with your argument, but Claire wasn't exactly knowingly letting a murderer drive her around.

4:39 AM  
Blogger Bayne_S said...

Don't crazy people packing heat make the best protection?

4:40 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I believe that Kate did everything I mentioned in the post. Everything we've seen as a flashback on this show in the first several seasons would have still happened in this timeline, since nothing changed until while they were on Flight 815.

And in any event, it is still utterly recockulous that Claire would do anything but run away from her given what she did there at the airport. That was a truly absurd episode, as are most of the Kate shows.

7:00 AM  

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