Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poker Blogger at Major Live Final Table

I had a decent post all ready just needing to be reviewed for today, but then something happened that for me is reminiscent of Iggy's amazing run in the WSOP Main Event a couple of years back. I am literally having trouble focusing all day today just knowing about it. Poker blogger (and a damn good read) gnightmoon yesterday made the final table of the inaugural NAPT event at the Venetian.

After starting off the final table in 2nd place of 8 remaining players, Tom's twitter indicates that he busted in 6th place after a few hours of play. So while Tom's dreams of winning his biggest ever live event are dashed for now, don't feel too bad for him. After all, he did just win $144,639!

NAPT Payouts:

1 $827,648.00
2 $522,306.00
3 $309,366.00
4 $241,064.00
5 $184,816.00
6 $144,639.00
7 $104,461.00
8 $60,266.00

I've been reading Tom's blog for the better part of a year now, and he is not only an interesting writer but he is obviously a damn good poker tournament guy in addition to his intense interests in sports and music to name a few. To know he will be starting 2nd of 8 at this televised final table this afternoon is basically making it impossible for me to think about anything else. So go click on over to his blog and congratulate him, and maybe stop and read awhile if you're interested. I know I am.

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