Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Presenting Your 2031 WSOP Main Event Champion

That there is my daughter M, now 6 years old, playing poker with me and her little sister K, who is 4. After years of hearing me talk about playing poker tournaments and watching them on tv from time to time, M has finally reached the age this year where she has started actively asking me to teach her how to play poker. And she is so smart, and competitive, and just generally like her daddy, that I've decided I'm not holding back. So I've cracked out my chip set that I won in a poker tournament in New York City a couple of years back, and pretty much every weekend day or other chance I get to be home with the girls while they're not at school or doing their homework over the past month or so, poker has amazingly replaced the Wii as the girls' preferred leisure time activity with me. If you click the picture above you can see the larger version of M's picture which she drew for me last week, which is us sitting in our family room, under our ceiling fan, playing 3-handed poker.

If you count the cards you will see five in each of our hands in that picture, which means we are playing K's favorite game so far, 5-card stud. Unlike M, K does not quite have that same competitive fire, and she is therefore happy to call down almost any size bet all the way to the end, even if she can't even beat what she can see on her opponents' board. But at her age M is starting off already really picking up the game, and she's willing to fold her bad hands early if it means she can see all the chips she gets to keep from losing by chasing bad hands.

That said, M's favorite poker game so far? Omaha.

Please god don't let me have a chasedonkey for a daughter. Please.

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Blogger Bayne_S said...


PLO is the future!!!!

12:16 AM  
Blogger Shrike said...

What Bayne said.

Adorable picture. =)


3:07 AM  
Blogger Chad C said...

I am pretty certain that once the Chinese take over we will not be allowed to play poker anymore.... Or if we somehow win our war with them, the govt will surely raise gambling taxes from 30% to 96% to pay from healthcare, section 8 housing, prisoners, and ACORN :)

5:08 AM  
Blogger OES said...

this is simply awesome. =)

4:45 AM  

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