Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hot Hand #1 Answer, and FTP Blues

OK first I'd like to thank all of the many commenters on the first installment of my new "Hot Hand" feature on the blog. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing everyone's point of view and debating the right way to play the hand, and whether or not I should have assumed I was leading or drawing dead at the river. So without further chitchat, I will get to the result of "Hot Hand" #1.

If you recall, my opponent called my 5x preflop raise with Big Slick, check-called my pot-sized continuation bet on a flop of Q-10-10, and then he checked to me on the turn card (an Ace), which I checked back at him to see the river for free. Then the river came a Jack, giving me the nut broadway straight, at which point my opponent moved-in on me for about the size of the pot, all as seen in the following screen shot:

It only took me a few seconds to call this bet with my nut straight. It sounds like many of you think I could have put him on a boat of some kind. In reality, I called and my opponent flipped:

There's the boat. Good call to those of you who hit it right. I did not expect to see this when I made the call (obviously), and I was out early in the Bracelet Race. But I remain steadfast in my efforts to win a non-main event seat at this year's WSOP, despite my bad run at FTP of late.

Speaking of which, last night I played in a $10 buyin MTT on full tilt, and I was off to an amazing start, which had me in 4th place out of 400-some entrants in the tournament after only probably 20 or 25 hands total. Then I suffered the following three beats, the first two one after the other, with the third coming just two hands after the second. Three out of four hands, this is what happened to my 4th-out-of-450 stack:

You always love it when Aces get beat on a runnerrunnerrunnerrunner straight. Then, the very next hand, this one went all-in on the flop when my Jacks were dominating favorites to my opponent's Fives:

And finally, the piece de resistance, two hands later, my preflop pair over pair domination once again falls short:

Ah, such is life, especially on the virtual tables. Looking forward to WWdN tonight, as well as donking off another $26 token on the nightly Bracelet Race on FTP.


Blogger iamhoff said...

Nice to know I guessed right on the AT. I would've done the same thing, tho, and played Broadway. Really hard to lay that one down.

Bummer on the bad beats. That's an ugly sequence, man. My buddy who had 3 straights in a row all cracked by boats had a bad series, but he let all of them happen. You just got nuked by the beeyotch called Variance. Keep grinding amigo. Sorry I couldn't hang around, but it was good seeing ya in teh WWdN. I should be in Mookie's on Wednesday. I'll look for ya.

2:34 PM  
Blogger L'artiste said...

Yup, AT was my first guess as well. This is actually quite typical from the Tourists lurking around in those low-stakes tournaments. Calling a huge raise out of position with A-10o, that’ll make him a winner in the long run [/sarcasm]. Worst of all, I can imagine him being all smug after this hand and congratulating himself on his expert play.

At these lower stakes, what you see is often what you get. Especially against the terrible players. If you throw a bet at an incredibly dangerous board and a Tourist flat calls, he’s basically telling you that he has a huge freakin’ piece of it. Believe him and run.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Good points guys, thanks. And Artiste, to tell the secret truth, I kinda almost did put him on another 10 when he check-called me on the flop. Believe me, there's a reason an aggressive player like me decided to check back to him on the turn. I was concerned when he check-called me, so as a direct result, I didn't want to put any more money into the pot unless something changed. Then it did. On the river I made Broadway, in a situation where I figured his trip 10s didn't help him unless he happened to hold K-10. I figured he'd just got bad beat and couldn't lay it down and was going to give me a fatty pot. I considered quickly the possibility of a boat, especially given the pair of 10s and all high cards on the board, but figured I can't play my tournament being scared of things like that, when he called not just a minbet but a 5x bet preflop, AND checked in front to me on the Turn, when in reality he had just made his unbeatable boat (unless I had held pocket Aces). He got redonkulously lucky with a hand he should probably not have stayed with, and to give him credit he did play it well from there. In my view, especially with the check on the flop and the turn, I don't see how I could reasonably put this guy, who I've never seen or played with before, on a boat there. Anyways maybe I'll see you tonight at Mookie's? You should play, check out his blog.

7:37 PM  

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