Sunday, April 16, 2006


OK so I let a lot of things kinda slip by this week, as the holidays took over my nightlife, started my weekend a day early, and also led me to the ER when Little Hammer smacked her lip into a table, requiring 5 stitches. Everyone is doing fine, and I've actually managed to squeeze in a fair amount of poker during that time despite all that's been going on. So, real quick:

I made another WWdN final table in Wil's latest tournament this week. If not for Wes, I would be seriously bragging here, because last Tuesday was my third WWdN final table out of the past four tournaments, and my second consecutive cash in the event:

But of course Wes has been completely running over the field in these things, recording at least 3 top-3 finishes in WWdN that I know of, so I don't have much to say about my performance other than that I'm playing well and I continue to really enjoy the blogger events. As I've written about a lot recently, I have copious notes on just about all of you out there, so when you come to my table, you had better be switching things up like any good player should, or I'll be eating you for lunch. Thank you.

Anyways, congratulations to Wes for his continued WWdN dominance, and also to Change100 for her first WWdN victory. I have long thought Change is one of the better MTT players among the poker blogging community, although sometimes it seems like she herself doesn't agree with me. But I was not surprised to see her take this thing down, and keep on truckin, Change!

Before I forget, I would also be remiss if I didn't mention Sir Waffles, whom I railed this past week on his way to final tabling yet another 180 sng on pokerstars. You cannot say enough about this guy's consistency in the continuous MTT sngs on ps. I like to think of myself as the god of large-scale MTTs, but in all honesty we would all love to have Waffles' record in these things, which is at least four final tables (each a significant cash) with I think one or two victories in there. This mid-sized MTT is clearly Waffles' sweet spot, and given that I have cashed in exactly two 180 sngs out of close to 20 in which I have played, I have to just say congratulations, Waffles, and keep up the good work!

OK so one other thing I've continued to play a lot of is the $8 Tier One sng's on Full Tilt, to win those $26 tokens to play in the nightly guarantee tournaments, as well as the juicy nightly Bracelet Races at 9pm for WSOP non-main-event seats. I've been espousing the virtues of these things for some time, for two main reasons: (1) the structure is awesome. All you need to do is finish in the top 5 out of 18 players, and you get a $26 token. Even 6th place wins $14 for the $8.80 investment. And (2), finishing in the top 5 or 6 of these fields is usually laughably easy, because the competition is so awful for the most part. Here's a great example from just my most recent sng last night:

Here we're already down to the final table, so we only need to knock out 3 more players until the cash. And my opponent, as you can see, was a significant stack at the time. I raised this pot preflop with my Big Slick, which only fishy mcgee called with his lofty K7o. The board comes K42. He leads out with a bet slightly more than the size of the pot. I reraise him allin after falsely pondering for about 10 seconds. And here this big stack, a guy who could probably have just coasted into the money by folding his way in there and only playing premium pairs and AK, thinks for probably almost the full 30 seconds before finally calling off just about all his chips with K7. Against a big reraise of his flop bet. What was he thinking? Well, whatever it was, it led him home early and sent me to just the latest in a series of $26 tokens as I ran over the table from there:

One last item before I hit the tables this evening. I have had two straight very profitable weekends online, mostly by playing in these 45-person sngs on pokerstars. I've been playing the $11 variety, and again I find that the competition overall in these games is not difficult for someone who understands correct tight-aggressive poker. In the one event I played in last night, I busted 5 of the 45 players on my way to the final table, which I ended up busting out of heads-up when my pocket 9s ran into pocket Qs from my opponent, but this still landed me second place:

producing a solid $98 profit for what was really only about an hour and fifteen minutes worth of domination work.

OK I'll be back shortly with Hot Hand #2 and my usual update on the latest hijinx in the poker blogging world.


Blogger iamhoff said...

Nice job all around. I saw plenty of fishy play this weekend. Unfortunately some of it was mine and what wasn't tended to suck out on me. I just got nuked this weekend. 45 SNG, 18 SNG, 9 SNG on Tilt, didn't matter. Oh well. Maybe this week will turn things around again. At least I can look at your screenshots and imagine "what if..."

12:38 AM  
Blogger smokkee said...

surprised to hear that 45 player sng only went an hour and 15 minutes. seems like an MTT that size would go longer. i need to check that out. thanks for the tip hamma.

i'm still whoring up the $8 sng's on FTP. picked up 4 tokens yesterday, including a $75 token.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Nice finishes all around. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you in the WWdN tonight.

12:58 AM  

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