Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fun

So it's 90 degrees here again in New York City, I'm getting out of work early today, and I just can't wait to get started on a sweet 3-day holiday weekend here at the blog, so today I'm just not in a working mood. Since I've got nothing for ya here today, I thought I would just provide you with one of my favorite sites to waste time. Not my favorite, mind you, but certainly one of them.

Here is the link. The game is called bubble spinner, and it is effing addictive, I warn you now. For those of you who get good at the game and think you might be the best of all time, you can email me separately or leave me a comment and I will tell you my high score. It blows yours away, in case you're wondering.

Enjoy, and have a great holiday weekend everyone. I may or may not be back with a post on Monday, but definitely I'll be back and better than ever on Tuesday. Until then, I will be trying to figure out how the hell my new Weber grill works. Suburbanite that I am and all.

Happy Memorial Day!

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