Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Call for the ToC!

So this is it, folks. Sunday will be your last two chances to get in to the BBT4 Tournament of Champions, with the afternoon tournament that's lately been under 30 registrants to award a ToC seat for a mind-numbing $5 buyin, and then culminating in Sunday night's $75 buyin Big Game at 9:30pm ET on full tilt. Even if you're already in the ToC, it's still worth playing (1) for the cash and (2) for the chance to keep someone else out of the ToC. With two WSOP ME packages being awarded, and two more 2k WSOP prize packages on the line, that means the top 4 finishers will get paid, and right now there have been 12 multiple victories as part of the BBT4, more than any other series we have run previously. So, that means that, with two tournaments still left to play in the BBT4, we are looking at I think 42 total runners, with the chance for two more to be added to that list. That sounds like between a 9 and 10 percent chance of winning a World Series prize package for those who are in the ToC, not to mention the roughly 5% chance of winning one of the two big prizes, and that's assuming equal skill and luck for everyone. So for my money it's definitely in anyone's interest to play this Sunday, whether you're in the ToC already or still hoping to get in.

I also note that, as of heading into the weekend, I am seeing 1Queensup1 with 656 BBT points for the month of May, and Jordan running a close second with 636 points. I am quite sure that both players will at this point show up for both tournaments on Sunday, but believe me when I say, especially with the Big Game's increased prize pool, that this thing is going to end up turning on what happens to each player in Sunday night's Big Game, with a 2k WSOP prize package to be awarded to the overall May monthly winner. Similarly, for the overall BBT4 points title, 1Queensup1 sits in first there as well with 1742 BBT points, while Tuscaloosa Johnny is also a close second at 1672 points. So there as well we are looking at anybody's game, to win both the May BBT title and the overall BBT4 points crown. So a lot of people have a lot to play for in both tournaments on Sunday, and hopefully you will be there to exert your impact on that situation.

And while you're at it, don't forget to also register for the Big Game Mulligan that Chad has set up to run starting one hour after the beginning of the Big Game itself, which means the Mulligan will go off at 10:30pm ET. The buyin is a somewhat more affordable $40 + $4, so enough to get a decent prize pool going but not so much to clean out most of your full tilt accounts out there (I hope). You'll already be online anyways for the Big Game on Sunday night, so why not pass the time donking it up with some fellow friends in the Big Game Mulligan, with no BBT points and no ToC seats to worry about to boot? I'm already in there and I hope to see you as well for what should be a nice cash prize to play for.

I also wanted to remind everyone one more time that Chad, Miami Don, Scotty Mc and myself will be hosting Buddydank Radio on Sunday night, starting with the beginning of the Big Game at 9:30pm ET. One thing I am looking forward to discussing most with the crew is the BBT in general, the BBT4, and the upcoming Tournament of Champions. As with the previous BBT series we have run, there's been a lot to talk about over the past several weeks, including some truly incredible performances. The top five guys in the BBT4, for example, are absolutely crushing the field when you really look at it. The top four have all played in roughly 50 of the 54 events, and each has amassed over 1500 BBT points and over $1250 cash while averaging more than 30 points per event and winning a whopping ten of 54 events they have run in as a group, truly all incredible feats in their own right. Then in 5th place overall is Jordan, who has individually won another 4 BBT4 tournaments all by himself, the leader of the whole field in that category, and who has won over $1600 cash money in doing so, all while playing in just 29 BBT tournaments! That's at least as sick as the rest of the top 5, and together talking about just what those five competitors alone have done this spring could fill an entire show on BDR. I look forward to giving credit where credit is due on the radio show, and to making some predictions about how the upcoming BBT4 Tournament of Champions is likely to go down, in addition to some other fun stuff the crew has cooking for you guys. So tune in to BDR on Sunday at 9:30pm ET if you're a regular, and even if you're not, now is a great Sunday to start -- remember, just go to, click on "Tune In!", and select Windows Media or ghey Mac bullshit, and sit back and listen.

Have a great weekend, and here's hoping we get some new faces down to the final few players in our final two BBT4 tournaments on Sunday on full tilt!

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