Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Quiggie

What can I say. Work is killin me right now.

This being the last day of regular bloggage before this Sunday night's BBT4 Tournament of Champions, I have a lot I wanted to get out before the big game begins Sunday night at I believe 8pm ET on full tilt. So, with Friday ticking away and me still with lots to get to today, I'm here merely to say a few things:

1. I will get to my post on the odds for the rest of the participants in this Sunday's ToC over the weekend, in advance of the actual tournament where two lucky bloggers will win 2k in cold hard cash and another two will nab seats to the 2009 WSOP Main Event. So check back in some time later today or over the weekend for that.

2. As of now I am planning to live blog my poker play on Sunday night, where I plan to play a whole lotta shit for several hours. I don't know just how frequently I will be updating, but for now the plan is to start updating as soon as I sit down for the night's poker play, and to keep track of how things are going not just in the ToC but all the other poker I play on the night. It's been since Your World Champion Philadelphia Phillies when I last live-blogged, and it's something I've probably actually only done three or four times over four years and over 1000 posts of blogging. So you can come back on Sunday night, read up on my posts over the weekend and then settle in for regular updates on the pace of the BBT4 Tournament of Champions.

3. The Mets just got swept. By the Pirates. No, not a bunch of Somali pirates taking hostages and shooting people, it's much worse than that -- by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

For reals.

And the manager was on camera here in New York last night shortly after the loss. Laughing like a hyena in the locker room.

So help me god, this guy might not last the year. He might not make it to the summer if he isn't careful.

That's it for now. More to come over the weekend for sho.

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