Wednesday, June 24, 2009

V Minus One Day

Well, I made it.

For a while there it looked like work might try to wreck some of my big weekend plans, but in the end I wasn't having any of that. Nope, my 36 hours came and went, and somehow I was even able to finagle a Wednesday afternoon official beginning to my vacation and simply stopped working around mid-afternoon, though it wasn't easy. In the end it was late nights working instead of pokering, sleeping or just chillaxing both on Monday and Tuesday evening that enabled me to bust out everything I needed to get out before I left by just after 2pm ET, and then I was off.

Now, while I still technically have one more day until my trip to Vegas -- in exactly 24 hours as I type this, I will be somewhere over the airspace of the good state of Virginia from whence Hammer Wife was spawned on my way to Charlotte and then to Sin City -- really, vacation starts now in the Hammer household. Work is done for a while, and in a few minutes we pile into the new car for our first annual beach trek. Get in around midnight, I will stay up extra late to enact my plan as described yesterday for full night sleeping between Charlotte and Las Vegas, and then tomorrow the weather is finally supposed to break on the east coast, just in time for me to head to the 115-degree heat of the desert. Oh well, if I get a little beach time with the kids on Thursday before my four-day Vegas blast, I think I'll live.

I will try to get up on here tomorrow as I prepare for my trip to the desert, but those of you who have been longtime readers here will note that I tend to make the time to blog while in Vegas as much as I can. I'm bringing my damn laptop even though I'll have to remove it and have it scanned separately at the airport four different times over the next five days, so I better have something good to write about. I'm in town from Thursday night to Monday morning, so anyone who's around who wants to stop by, most of you have my cell number, and you certainly know what casino I'll be in on Saturday as I make my run to try not to humble myself in front of some of these incredible bloggers and their incredible performances so far in the2009 World Series of Poker.

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Blogger 1Queens Up1 said...

Gl Hoy. Ill see you sometime before we try to survive the donkfest on Saturday.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Julius_Goat said...

Run good, Hoy.

10:09 AM  
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