Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Holy Effing #@?/$%&

I simply cannot believe some of the beats I have been suffering lately on jokerstars. And I'm not the only one. Several of our blogging brethren have been experiencing severe beatage recently on that site in particular.

Tonight I played in another 180 sng on ps. Long story short, I was dealt Aces not once but TWICE in just the first round of the tournament, but lost good money with both of them, one when a flush obviously hit on the turn with two fishidiots in drawing to it, and another time when some zobo called with redickulous pot odds to stick around to the river and then hit backdoor trips when the board paired at the end. What bullshit. I was not dealt a single other premium hand through the entirety of the tournament, and frankly I saw AQ once, didn't see AK, AJ or even A-10, and saw no pocket pair above 5s the rest of the way through. Nonetheless, I managed to stick around as we crossed the 35 people remaining mark, basically by being resourceful -- bluff raising obviously weak players or obvious stealers, stealing myself where appropriate, and just lead bluffing at some pots that looked beatable to me. In fact, given the cripey cards I had, I was actually playing quite well.

Then, with 32 players remaining and me right around the low money positions in 18th place, I was dealt J5o UTG, and limped in with 5 other callers. Flop comes J65. I'm styling, knowing that it is impossibly unlikely that someone else has J6, and otherwise, two Jacks is even more unlikely, as is 55 and 66. So I am golden. So being me, I go trolling for lobsters. I bet small. Not a check, which might look suspicious at least to the more observant players at my table. No, I just bet around 1/2 the pot. The fish across the table from me calls while everyone else folds. Turn is a 9, rainbow. A great card for me, as it remains highly unlikely that my opponent holds J9 (although I do have friends who choose to play J9 fairly regularly in a strange perversion of Mason Malmouth). I decide to make the same small bet of 2/3 the flop pot, indicating real weakness to an unsuspecting donkey, which this hopefully is, figuring this time he won't be able to resist. He takes the bait hook, line and sinker (they always do)! He reraises me 3x the pot. I think it over for effect, and then after significant hesitation, I reraise allin since I'm about 99% sure I have the best hand right now. I just don't see how I can get away from that hand at this point. Anyways, Nemo calls me pretty quick, and flips over.... 10 J suited. That's it. I mean this fidiot called me all-in with top pair Jacks plus a 10 kicker. I'ts almost impossible to believe. But it happened. As did this on the river:

I mean, what the flying fuck do you say to this after two hours of domination, including the hand you go out on like this? Notice at least my chat that I typed into the window on the link above. The sad thing is, I already had that chat typed in before the bullshite river card even appeared. Pokerstars has been so recockulous lately, I just knew it was going to happen. And they were All Too Happy to oblige.


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Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I have corrected the mistake in my position on this screwjob of a hand. Thanks to Big Slick Nuts for pointing it out.

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